Simple Tips To Detox This Spring

Support your well-being by detoxifying + replenishing with nourishing products and practices. Try these tips for detoxing your whole self this Spring! | Primally Pure Skincare

It’s that time of year: spring cleaning.

A time for starting fresh, clearing clutter, and creating space to welcome what this new season will bring.

While we fully support you clearing out the junk drawer, digging up old magazines and donating clothes you haven’t worn in over a year (but swear you still will), we also want to support your well-being this season by deep cleaning + detoxifying what no longer serves you, and replenishing with practices that support your overall sense of wellness.

Clearing out the old and inviting in the new takes time + intention, but will naturally create a ripple effect where more healthy rituals are begun and the not-so-healthy ones are left behind.

Just like with spring cleaning, you start with one closet or one room because trying to tackle the entire house can be too intimidating, try implementing just one or two detox tips at a time.

Here are our simple tips for detoxing your whole self this Spring.

Happy Cleaning!


Juiced, blended in a smoothie or piled on your plate, greens help to alkalize your blood + detoxify your body from daily attackers such as processed foods, toxic beauty products, pollution and a stagnant lifestyle. Green leafy vegetables (like spinach, kale and swiss chard) have the ability to renew + repair cells and are key in fighting disease and chronic health conditions. Drink your greens daily and find creative ways to add more to each meal for skin that glows + a body that’s boosting with health! Try this smoothie recipe for a seasonal, satisfying way to get more greens in your life.


Spring cleaning is often associated with deep cleaning your drawers, your diet and your beauty products, but one of the biggest ways to detoxify what no longer serves + supports you, is through the power of the mind. While this detox process can sometimes feel even more intimidating than organizing your house or overhauling your makeup bag, it’s one that is so worth it. Did you know that your thought life directly affects your physical and emotional health? So no matter what thought patterns may be circling around in your mind (maybe it’s anxiety, insecurity, fear, unforgiveness), negative mindsets wreak havoc on the health of your mind, soul and body.

One powerful practice to bring more positivity and health to your state of mind is gratitude. Try to take time every single day to reflect on the things you’re thankful for. Whether it’s writing a Thank You card, creating a gratitude journal and jotting down 3 things daily, or spending time in prayer + thankfulness before even getting out of bed in the morning, this is one ritual that is proven to minimize toxic thoughts and replace them with a lighter, more loving mindset.


This simple practice takes only 2 minutes before showering or taking a bath (another one of our favorite ways to detox!) and the benefits are proven to promote beauty + well-being throughout the body. One of the most powerful and important benefits of dry brushing is lymphatic drainage. Okay, it may not sound pretty, but we can’t stress enough how essential lymphatic drainage is for radiant skin, a healthy body and a happy self. The lymphatic system helps to detoxify the whole body, but when this system is blocked, it causes toxic buildup in tissues – leading to inflammation, congestion, sensitivities and other skin + health conditions. The light, simple strokes with a dry brush stimulate lymph flow to flush out toxins + waste, which strengthens the immune system, prevents sickness and increases energy levels. Add dry brushing to your beauty routine to promote radiant skin, daily detox and feel even more invigorated.


Deep clean your complexion with a simple, non-toxic mask you can make at home. You can shop at your local health food store or online for natural clays (we love french green clay for sensitive skin, pink clay for drier skin types and white kaolin clay for combination/balanced skin). Simply blend a bit of clay with Everything Spray to calm inflammation, heal + tone, and purify pores. If you feel your skin needs more replenishment and moisture, blend clay with a Complexion Mist to boost hydration and balance skin. Once a week, apply your freshly made DIY mask after cleansing. Once it starts to harden, rinse with warm water and follow up with your favorite toner from above and Beauty Cream.

The only stipulation with this detox tip is that you’re not allowed to multi-task – no laundry, no emails, no real spring cleaning. Once you apply the mask, this time is yours. Try practicing deep breathing, reading a book, writing in your gratitude journal, or simply sitting in solitude. Just enjoy a few quiet minutes to yourself to care for your skin and your self.


Warmer temperatures, longer days and wildflowers are finally here – and nothing supports a more positive outlook and peaceful mindset than spending time in nature. The healing power of nature has been scientifically proven to make us happier + healthier. Breathing in fresh air, soaking in sunshine (and much needed Vitamin D), and appreciating the beauty around us, helps to refresh and restore our souls. Spending time in nature also helps us to avoid sedentary lifestyles (which has sadly become a norm for society + a serious public health issue) since we have to get out of our chairs, our cars, and our couches to experience the world around us.

Take a break from the rush of daily life and start your day with a morning walk before work or an evening hike along your favorite trail with a friend. Spend your days at a desk? Bring a potted plant into the office and take time during your lunch break to go outside, clear mental clutter, and get grounded. This season especially, we’re surrounded by reminders of new life, fresh hope and the beauty that life brings – so step outside and soak it all in.

We hope these tips help you spring clean more than just your kitchen this season – although we do support that too. 🙂 Do you have any other detox tips to support your overall sense of wellness? Tell us in the comments below!

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