Why Your Natural Skin Care Should Only Use Pure, Full-Profile Nutrients

Your body needs a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support health. But so does your skin. Our bodies process whole food ingredients + nutrients better – your skin does too.

That’s why it’s critical to understand what you’re putting in your body + on your skin. 

There’s an important distinction in natural skin care you should be aware of. The difference in truly natural skin care could slip by you if you’re not careful. Pay attention to the source of the nutrients in your natural skincare products. Not only should they be non-toxic and clean, but they should also be: 

✓ Whole
✓ Unrefined 
✓ Compatible with your skin 

You might be thinking, “Okay, but how do I know if my natural skincare products check these boxes?” 

Don’t stress. We’re going to help you understand the differences. Then you can make informed decisions on the products you use. Understanding the origin of ingredients gives you valuable insight. Aka whether your “natural skincare products” contain real ingredients or isolated + synthetic ingredients. 

It may seem like an insignificant difference as long as you’re getting the vitamins, but trust us on this. You want to embrace the full profile of nature’s ingredients. 

It’s one of the biggest reasons we’re in the non-toxic + natural skincare business. ;)

Natural Skin Care Ingredients vs. Synthetic Ingredients

Natural skin care ingredients contain bioavailable vitamins. Synthetic ingredients are lab-made or contain “naturally-derived” vitamins. Understanding the difference is key.  

Synthetic Skincare Products

Synthetic skin care is not as easy to identify as you’d think. Many brands these days use deceptive marketing or terminology. They lead you to believe the products are natural + pure. 

Generally, there are two categories of synthetic skincare ingredients to look out for:

    1. Lab-created ingredients that are 100% synthetic in nature. (Often intended to mimic natural vitamins or ingredients.)
    2. “Naturally-derived” ingredients with vitamins or nutrients that have been isolated or altered from their natural format. (These are often used in “natural” skincare products.)

But if you look closely, many ingredients are lab-formed + processed. Consider this a red flag that the product may contain fillers or questionable ingredients.

Naturally-derived ingredients are not the same as naturally-sourced.

Naturally-sourced ingredients are pure and used in their raw state. While naturally-derived ingredients are manipulated and processed, stripping them of their natural nutrients.

Here’s why you should avoid synthetic ingredients and opt for 100% natural skin care instead:

  • Synthetic ingredients aren’t as compatible with your skin, so you miss out on a ton of potential benefits. They’re less effective than whole, unprocessed/unrefined sources.

→ It’s why eating your veggies is so important, and why getting your vitamin D from the sun is better than a supplement. The same is true with your skin – real is best.

  • Synthetic ingredients differ in composition + their ability to work with your skin. “Derived from nature” usually means manipulation. In most cases, they're altered so much with processing and stripping, they hardly retain any of the original nutrients.

→ Like seed oils in food, plant oils used in natural skincare products are often heavily processed. And without nutrients, they become fillers. While they may still moisturize, they aren’t packed with the beneficial nutrients found in their natural form.

  • Synthetic ingredients often require harmful preservatives to stay fresh. Changing the composition of ingredients often results in a volatile structure that may break down or oxidize without chemical preservatives.

→ Ingredients as they exist in nature don’t require harsh chemical preservatives. Instead, we’re able to use gentle, 100% natural preservatives. 

So be careful when choosing natural skincare products – greenwashing is everywhere. Just like natural deodorants, many “natural skincare products” aren't telling the whole truth. 

Bottom Line: You want to choose natural skin care that only uses naturally-sourced ingredients. This retains all the essential nutrients – and benefits. 

Honest, 100% Natural Ingredients

Ingredients sourced directly from nature aren't altered. They still contain their full profile of nutrients, carriers, and activators. This means they’re bioavailable – aka ready to be absorbed + used by the skin.

Your skin has an easier time absorbing bioavailable nutrients because they’re more similar to the chemical + physical properties of your skin. 

Bioavailable ingredients respect + honor the natural ability of plant, animal, and earth medicine. In turn, this lets us embrace the full potential of healing for your skin’s benefit. ;) Natural skin care with naturally-sourced ingredients brings rejuvenation with pure, unaltered ingredients. You can rest easy because they're completely safe + natural. 

A note: Some people argue that lab-made, naturally-derived ingredients are better for the environment because they save resources. But we know natural skin care can be responsibly sourced. We formulate our products to respect the environment (which we’ll cover in a minute).

We’ve given you the big picture. Now let’s look at why natural sourcing and bioavailable ingredients are so crucial to a non-toxic lifestyle + respecting the environment.

The Value of Bioavailable Ingredients in Natural Skin Care

You know incorporating whole ingredients – whenever possible – creates more potent products + benefits for your skin. But we chose this route because it’s beneficial for the environment too.

The soil-to-skin philosophy is a big factor in our vision for natural skin care and naturally-sourced ingredients. Why?

We aim to respect the power of nature’s resources + where they come from. After all, there’s a reason that the Earth has the ability to reset our bodies through “earthing”. ;) One of our core values is reconnecting with Earth’s wisdom + healing powers by creating natural skincare products that really work. 

But leaning on ancestral wisdom, it’s not only about natural skin care with results. It’s choosing a nose-to-tail philosophy that honors the life of animals.

We reconnect with the Earth by responsibly using + respecting its resources. We do our part by following this philosophy. Plus, superfoods are abundant in nature. And when left in their raw state, they offer medicinal + beneficial properties for your body and your skin.

Why wouldn’t we start there with natural skin care? 

There's no reason to separate, isolate, and change the structure of ingredients from nature. If they exist together in nature, there’s a reason! Nature is intuitive – we’d be remiss to ignore that. And the way it interacts with your biology and skin is effortless. 

Our world has become obsessed with technology and innovation. But with Primally Pure formulations, we're going back to the basics – back to our roots. 

There’s beauty in simplicity. That’s why we use whole, unrefined ingredients in our natural skincare products. Zero chemical altering, stripping, or preservation. (And guess what, they work better than synthetics. ;))

Here are some examples of ingredients we’re proud to source straight from nature:

  • Animal-based ingredients in their purest, most biocompatible form, like: 
  • Unprocessed, unrefined oils with full-nutrient profiles like:
    • Avocado
    • Castor
    • Jojoba
    • Rosehip seed 
    • Apricot kernel
  • Pure plant ingredients like:

When it comes down to it, bioavailable ingredients like these are better for you. You need vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and benefits from whole ingredients. We’ll never settle for less – and you shouldn’t either.

Take Your Natural Skin Care to the Next Level

We’re all about living a life close to the earth. In natural skincare, that means capturing ingredients in their most bioavailable state. It's the only way to also access their complimentary nutrients and activators.

In simple terms, it makes potent, safer, more effective products. It boosts absorption + makes the vitamins and nutrients more “available to the body”.
Who doesn’t want that? 

At Primally Pure, you can feel confident that we source our ingredients straight from nature – not from a lab. If we wouldn’t put it on our skin, we won’t ask you to put it on yours. Natural skin care is the best way to make a lasting impact on your skin. It supports your body’s innate ability to heal itself + regenerate.

Here’s to you + healthier products, straight from nature.


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