Natural Fertility Boost: Tips for TTC + How to Implement Them

Fertility can be a sensitive topic. 

The experience with fertility is unique for every woman. It could be a topic you're passionate about to optimize your preconception health. Or maybe it’s associated with feelings of pain as you wonder if a viable pregnancy will ever be in your future.

No matter where you are in your journey, or the feelings you’re experiencing surrounding the topic, we want to create a space that's rooted in compassion + centered around helpful information. 

If you’re just now starting out on your fertility journey or you’ve been on this road for years, we hope this one truth helps to encourage and empower you along your path. Fertility is directly related to your full-body health. 

Making an investment in a natural fertility boost regimen will also be beneficial for your health and quality of life.

This can feel like a burden women have to carry alone, but it is important to keep in mind that males are the main factor in about 20% of infertility cases and a contributing factor in 30-40%.1 So if you and your partner are trying to conceive naturally, it’s best if both of you participate in a fertility-boosting lifestyle for the best results. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to decreasing your toxic load + starting your fertility journey, we hope this will be a valuable resource. Our goal is to provide a roadmap and the confidence you need to get started. No matter how much money, time, or energy you have, there is something on this list for everyone to try.

It’s best if you can start with these tips for TTC (trying to conceive) three to six months before you start trying, but don’t stress – any amount of time investing in your health is helpful.

So here are our best tips for TTC + natural fertility boosters.

Natural Fertility Boost #1: Products 

At Primally Pure, we advocate for the importance of clean products. What you use on your body and in your house matters in all areas of your life – especially if you’re looking for a natural fertility boost.

Purging your products is an excellent starting point to lessen your toxic load and increase your body’s natural fertility.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) ran a study that actually measured the number of chemicals present in umbilical cord blood after birth. The result was astounding – and not in a good way:2

“Researchers [at two major laboratories] found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood from 10 babies.”

They went on to say that they found contaminates like:

  • Pesticides
  • Consumer product ingredients
  • Wastes from burning coal, gasoline, and garbage

Yikes. It’s safe to say we should do our best to eliminate toxins wherever we can for the sake of not only your own health but the sake of the little life within you.

So how do you know which products could make such a difference in your fertility?

Here’s how we’d recommend approaching a product purge:

Swap Your Household Cleaning Products for Non-toxic Alternatives

Start by considering how you can simplify your household cleaning products – in both ingredients and the number of products. Doing so will act as a natural fertility boost by minimizing toxic exposure. 

Many common household products affect not only overall health but hormone health too.

→ Stay away from ingredients like:

  • Fragrance
  • Chemical surfactants
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Colored dyes

…just to name a few. Plus, many non-toxic cleaners you can make at home for a low cost that are safe and also serve as an easy, natural fertility boost.

You’ll often hear us talk about our friends Branch Basics. (Even if they weren’t personal friends, we’d still be talking about them). They make incredibly versatile products that are multipurpose and safe for everyone – family, pets, little ones, and YOU! 

They make it easy to essentially swap all your major cleaning supplies with ONE concentrate.

Tip: Check out @branchbasics on Instagram – for deciphering toxins in various household products and more.

Skincare/Bodycare Tips for TTC

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so it readily absorbs whatever we put on it. This isn’t just limited to traditional “skin care.” You’ll want to also be considerate of anything that makes direct contact with your skin.

  • Lotions + creams – as much as cucumber melon lotion hits you with a wave of nostalgia, it’s important to choose clean moisturizers for your entire body, not just your face. Specifically, avoid ingredients like drying alcohols, parabens, sulfates, and “fragrance” on the labels (and check out this blog for even more guidance). (Need alternatives? Check out our body oils and body butters here.)
  • Shower products (shampoo, conditioners, body washes, etc.) – unfortunately, due to greenwashing, it can be difficult to tell what’s truly “clean.” Many products are filled with parabens, sulfates, endocrine disruptors, and toxic chemicals. So even if they say “clean” or “paraben-free,” you’ll want to know how to spot greenwashing when choosing clean products.
  • Period products – unfortunately, many menstrual products contain chemicals and additives that can be dangerous to your reproductive health. Switch to organic tampons/pads or a food-grade silicone menstrual cup to minimize toxic exposure for a natural fertility boost.

→ If you have extra time/budget, consider a few of these tips for TTC that go the extra mile in your natural fertility boost: 

  • Eliminate toxins in your home by investing in plants and air purifiers.3 (Free version = spend more time outside and open windows in your house to let in fresh, clean airflow.)
  • Invest in a clean mattress + bedding. We spend eight hours (or more) every night breathing in whatever is in our mattresses. Sadly, most mattresses contain toxic chemicals like fire retardants, boric acid, and heavy metals, not to mention dust and sweat residue.

Of course, purging your entire house (and life) of toxins overnight isn’t realistic. Don’t stress, just take it one thing at a time. :) 

Little changes one at a time will add up, so don’t lose hope. Removing toxins will take time and energy but it’s a tried and true health boost + natural fertility boost.

Natural Fertility Boost #2: Food + Drink

As a holistic skincare company, we’re committed to showing our community the full picture. Because it matters. Full body health affects skin, mood, fertility, and more. That’s why we always advocate for a whole food-focused diet. 

This natural fertility boost will take some commitment – especially if you’re used to microwave meals and takeout food. But trust us, cleaning up your food + drink choices are worth it.

  • Prioritize “whole foods” (aka, foods in their purest form, with little to no processing).

→ Choose clean proteins from pasture-raised, organic meats + poultry. 
→ Get adequate amounts of nutrient-dense carbohydrates from seasonal fruits and veggies. 
→ Cook with fats like grass-fed butter, ghee, coconut, or extra virgin olive oil. 
→ Consume more egg yolks (our Founder loves to blend one raw pasture-raised egg yolk into her morning cup of coffee), avocado, nuts, and seeds. 
→ Choose wild-caught fatty fish like salmon or sardines. Oysters are also known to be full of vitamins + minerals for healthy egg production.
(Read the full guest blog for more advice from a dietitian and nutritional therapy practitioner.)

  • Buy organic when possible – especially produce. 
→ Buy the best quality you can afford.
→ If 100% organic isn’t an option, start with the “dirty dozen” list and prioritize buying those produce items organic.

Tip: try discount sites that ship you perfectly good, but slightly “unusual” looking organic produce, like Imperfect Foods.

  • Minimize processed foods. 

    → Make homemade meals or try batching and meal-prepping foods.
    Buy a beautiful cookbook to inspire you to eat healthier + cook more.

    Tip: start your grocery shopping in the fresh aisle/around the outskirts, this will help you to fill your cart with more nutrients. Most whole foods live on the perimeters of the groceries and get more processed as you move to the inner aisles. ;) 

    • Minimize your caffeine.

    → Try green tea to up your antioxidant intake, which is beneficial to fertility.4
    → Try coffee alternatives like MUD\WTR or roasted dandelion tea

    • Minimize alcohol and/or enjoy clean, high-quality alcohol.
    → If you have a season full of weddings, gatherings, and events, you can still drink, but try to limit yourself to one, maybe two drinks. Gradually start drinking less, and you’ll adjust. 
    → When you’re ready to start trying, it’s best to avoid alcohol completely. This is one of the first recommendations you’ll hear from any doctor for a natural fertility boost.

    Tip: Next time you’re planning a dinner party or cocktail night with your friends, check out Dry Farm Wines – their wines are super clean + delicious.

    • Eat more warm foods + cooked foods. 
    → Cooked foods are easier to digest and serve as a natural fertility boost that also benefits your gut health.5 
    → Warm food supports blood flow to the uterus, which supports healthy, plush growth of the uterine lining to support a pregnancy.
    Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that warming foods are better to focus on when trying to conceive. Include foods like:5
      • Leafy green veggies
      • Small amounts of seaweed
      • Barley or quinoa
      • Chicken, trout, and salmon
      • Garlic, onion, chives, scallions, and leeks
      • Cooked cherry, peach, or raspberry
      • Black beans
      • Black sesame seed
      • Walnuts
      • Warm spices like clove, dried ginger, and cinnamon
    → Some acupuncturists recommend stopping eating physically cold food and drinks altogether.

    Tip: Recommendations from acupuncturists are all dependent on your unique body and situation, so don’t take this too literally – the goal is a balance of yin and yang foods. 

    The underlying theme here? Many who struggle with infertility find that foods can play a powerful role in fertility and hormonal health. Creating that healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. 

    Natural Fertility Boost #3: Lifestyle

    Your day-to-day life + habits can make a huge difference when you’re trying to conceive. A few new habits or healthy swaps might just be the extra thing you need for an added natural fertility boost.

    Start (Or Continue) These Natural Fertility Boost Practices + Habits

    • Add a prenatal vitamin to your diet.

     → Start building up your nutrient stores so that when baby comes along, you’ve got plenty to spare. If you can start 6 months up to a year before conception, great. If not, don’t stress – any amount of time before conceiving is still beneficial. Since there are so many prenatals on the market, we suggest consulting with your doctor first on what your unique body needs.

    Tip: For an added boost of super nutrients, check out our Founder Bethany’s liver smoothie for an easy way to get your nutrients in. 

    → Building up healthy reserves and gut microbiome is an especially important tip for TTC. It can be difficult to consume nutrient-rich food during the first-trimester sickness.

    As functional nutritionist Sara Victor says in her PP guest post: 

    “It also plays a vital role in our baby’s health as they inherit our toxicity levels and gut microbiome (where +70% of our immune system lives.)”
    → Hydration
    → Breathwork
    → Fiber for good bowel movements
    →  Lymphatic Flow (dry brushing or rebounding)
    → Baths with magnesium or Epsom salt
    • Incorporate intentional exercise routines. 

    → Focus on core strength/stability. 
    → Build muscles to support pregnancy and labor/delivery.
    Tip: Exercising is easier to keep up with once pregnant if you’re already in a rhythm. ;)
    • Pick up a new meditative or mindful practice. 

    → Learn to center yourself + lower daily stress.
    → If meditation is hard for you, try pilates. This uses similar principles of breathwork paired with stretching and strength-building poses.
    → As our friend + functional health practitioner, Sara Victor reminds us in her fertility guest post, “A stressed body will not prioritize reproduction.” 
    → Ever missed a period because your stress levels were so high? Your body will do the same thing with conception. It will prioritize other deficiencies before it prioritizes reproduction, which is not essential to our personal survival.

    Tip: Make a playlist that feels encouraging to you. Look up some baby shower playlists – as cheesy as it may sound, they’ll help you focus on the blissful feelings of a new life you’ll carry.

    Tip: check out this free guided meditation for fertility. 

    A Few More Intensive Options for a Natural Fertility Boost

    Small changes are a great way to start moving the needle. But just shifting a few other things may be enough for you at first. These options are more involved (or expensive) to implement, but worth the investment. As always, check in with your doctor before beginning any new health venture. 

    • Acupuncture treatment. Many swear by the power of acupuncture for fertility help, but it provides many health benefits aside from just a natural fertility boost.
    • Herb tinctures, supplements, and teas that support reproductive health.
    → Red raspberry leaf tea is shown to support natural fertility + a healthy pregnancy.
    → Try a tincture formulated for uterine health. (Check out Organic Olivia’s Natal Nourish.)
    → Extra virgin cod liver oil (We love Rosita that’s sustainably sourced + free from chemical processing, artificial flavoring, and preservatives).
    → Males can try adding in a supplement with CoQ-10, folate, and maca. 
    • "Consult a holistic or naturopathic doctor about a personalized detox plan to eliminate heavy metals and toxins with a natural fertility cleanse.
    → Determine the best detox plan for you with your doctor. Sometimes it’s something as simple as adopting a few simple diet/lifestyle changes or it may include a more involved holistic protocol recommended by your doctor.
    → Be sure to do any intensive detoxes before TTC – it can be dangerous if done while pregnant. (This is different than a gentle detox of eating cleaner and discontinuing the use of toxic products.)

    Lifestyle changes to give you a natural fertility boost don’t have to feel daunting. Start with one or two that sound interesting and easy to implement, and slowly add them to your daily or weekly rhythms. You can do this.

    Embrace Your Power + Capability

    As a woman, your body is capable of powerful things – like creating brand new life. How special. If you’re in a season of struggle and feeling distraught, our hope is that this resource lifts your spirits and provides some new ideas for a natural fertility boost. 

    Above all, remember to release stress and surrender to the process. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but a peaceful and open mindset will make your conception journey more enjoyable.

    Here’s to you + the future sacred life within.


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