The #1 Facial Tool For Glowing Skin: Why You'll Be Obsessed With Your Gua Sha Stone

Imagine if there was a facial tool you could depend on through every season of life – and every skin state! If you’ve spent years trying to find the perfect holistic facial tool to complement your skincare routine, I’ve got just the thing for you.

A gua sha stone.

No matter your skin state or condition you’re hoping to resolve, this little facial tool deserves a spot in your daily beauty routine. Just five minutes will leave you feeling lighter and lifted. Our gua sha stone is one of our best-selling facial tools for a reason. ;) 

This gua sha stone is your ticket to happier, brighter skin, even if you struggle with:

(Bonus: It’s even capable of providing a relaxing, de-stressing effect that works skin-deep if you struggle with high stress levels. But more on that later.)

I’m going to walk you through all the ways that consistent use with your gua sha stone will seriously boost your skin through its internal healing mechanisms. And don’t worry, I’m going to divulge some of my best insider tips and tricks on how to use your gua sha stone. ;)

But before we dive in, take a deep breath and take a minute to tune in:

→ What are your skin goals? 

→ What shifts are you hoping to experience in your skin? 

→ How are you managing your stress levels?

These are essential to consider because understanding your skin, considering your skin goals, and focusing on your mindset are all pieces to the puzzle of getting you where you want to be. With a gua sha stone by your side, you’re one step closer to those goals. 

As with any tool, it’s important to know the history behind it. So, let’s take it back a few centuries.

The History of the Gua Sha Stone

Gua sha is an ancient healing technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s one of the oldest holistic healing modalities on the planet. TCM has been passed down from generation to generation, making its initial origins a bit of a mystery. But what's not a secret is that using gua sha stones has profoundly impacted well-being + enhanced beauty – for centuries!

Rather than simply targeting symptoms, TCM considers the underlying conditions to restore balance in the skin and body. Taking a holistic approach in this way creates long-term + noticeable results – especially for your skin. 

Enter: your facial gua sha stone.

“Gua” literally means scraping. And “sha” means redness. Combined, you have your gua sha stone, which uses intentional, gentle scraping motions across your skin. This stimulates circulation + causes redness to appear on the surface of your skin as it releases stagnant fluid, impurities, and toxins. (Don’t worry, the redness quickly subsides!)

Traditionally, this practice started with spoons, coins, and even horns as scraping tools. Today gua sha tools are typically made from a variety of precious stones. You’ll see gua sha stones crafted from jade, rose quartz, or bian (our favorite gua sha stone!). 

Facial gua sha has earned its place as a beloved facial tool because it can help:

  • Sculpt your face
  • Increase collagen production
  • Melt muscle tension
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Improve lymphatic drainage 
  • Stimulate internal healing mechanisms beneath the surface

Now that you’ve gotten to know the gua sha stone a little bit better, here are five reasons this facial tool deserves a permanent place in your skincare ritual.

Gua Sha Stone Benefit #1: Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is our body’s natural detoxification system. Its main job is to sweep away waste, toxins, pathogens, and impurities. 

But there’s an important caveat. 

Your lymphatic system can become clogged without manual support (aka lymphatic tools or practices) to get fluids moving. A clogged lymphatic system contributes to premature wrinkling, dullness, puffiness, sensitivities, acne, and inflammation.

That’s why the light pressure + intentional technique of facial gua sha optimizes proper drainage. Proper lymphatic drainage allows your body to clear out stagnant fluid, blockages, and buildup. The result? Healthy skin tissue and naturally clear, glowing skin from within.

So whether you wake up feeling puffy after a night of poor sleep or have more of a sluggish lymphatic system, a few mindful, downward strokes with your gua sha stone can immediately:

  • Depuff your skin
  • Awaken your complexion 
  • Activate lymphatic drainage

Yes, please! This is reason enough for me to pick up my gua sha stone each morning!

*Lymphatic Tip: Always start on your neck before moving up to your face. Sweep down behind your ear towards the collarbone with gentle pressure. Repeat 3-5x and wiggle your gua sha stone at the end of each stroke to activate lymphatic drainage. 

If you only have 2-5 minutes to commit, follow this gua sha stone tutorial to focus on your neck and get stagnant lymph going.

Gua Sha Stone Benefit #2: Boost Circulation

All you need to know is increased flow = serious skin glow. Not only does using your gua sha stone support the flow of lymphatic fluid, but it’s been proven to boost circulation by four times!1  

This means your skin gets to binge on a fresh flow of blood, oxygen, and vital nutrients.

Using your gua sha stone as part of your routine helps form new blood flow pathways. New pathways mean:

  • Nourished skin tissues
  • Improved cellular health
  • Stimulated collagen production

Together, these add to a more youthful, glowy, and sculpted appearance.

*Circulation Tip: After downward strokes to stimulate lymphatic drainage and depuff, use upward strokes with your gua sha stone. Start from the collarbone, moving up the neck, over the jaw and cheekbone to the temple. End with a wiggle at the hairline for serious lifting, firming, and a blood flow boost.

Gua Sha Stone Benefit #3: Fascia + Muscle Release

Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue (resembling a spider web) between your skin and the muscles. It fully covers + supports every muscle, bone, and organ in your body. Fascia is a big deal!

A stagnant lifestyle or lack of movement can cause your fascia to become bunched or bound, leading to feelings of tightness and tension. When this happens, it’s difficult to relax the underlying muscle and diminish wrinkles or creases in the skin. 

Using your gua sha stone to create repeated massage movements melts tension (TMJ dysfunction or jaw tightness, anyone?). Believe it or not, tension is one of the top contributors to aging. Tension + tightness works just like a traffic jam. It clogs the flow of fluids (like lymph and blood) + causes sagging and signs of aging (like fine lines and wrinkles). 

But a steady routine with your gua sha stone helps to:

  • Break up adhesions
  • Release fascia
  • Soften tight muscles

Your gua sha stone helps move out waste material and sluggish lymph and allows vital nutrients to flow more freely. This restores mobility and elasticity in your tissue. 

The result? Firmer, brighter, lifted, and more youthful skin.

*Fascia Tip: Take your gua sha stone (using the teeth edge) all the way onto your scalp, wiggling the stone at the end of each stroke. Your facial muscles and fascia extend well past your hairline and can easily get tangled and tight. Surprisingly, the scalp massage helps to release + relax the face!

Gua Sha Stone Benefit #4: Skin-Specific Conditions

From acne to aging and everything in between, your gua sha stone can help treat any condition! Regardless of your skin goals, there are plenty of reasons to make a gua sha stone your go-to facial tool.

→ Fine lines + wrinkles: Gua sha has become known as a natural alternative to Botox. The repeated massage movements help repattern the lines that have formed in your face. At the same time, your gua sha stone doubles as a method to ease an anxious mind. (Did you know chronic stress/anxiety can lead to premature wrinkling?!) With regular use of a facial gua sha stone, deeper depressions and wrinkles begin to release, softening over time to become less visible.

→ Pigmentation + acne scarring: Dark spots and discoloration are essentially excess melanin built up below the surface of your skin. Using your gua sha stone with intentional strokes helps to break up pigmentation + dissipate dark spots for a more even, clear complexion.

→ Breakouts + inflammation: Improved lymphatic drainage helps detoxify skin tissue and expedite healing. To get the best results, always work around an active breakout or area of inflammation (never directly over it) to open up healing pathways to the area.

*Skin-Specific Tip: Check out this gua sha stone tutorial for specific tips to help heal wrinkles, dark spots, and breakouts from the inside out!

Gua Sha Stone Benefit #5: Mindset

One of the biggest causes of premature aging is chronic stress. And sadly, the fight-or-flight response is far too active in our culture today. So, it only makes sense that consistent practice with your gua sha stone provides a more peaceful, quiet state of mind. 

Thank goodness for this gentle reprieve and moment of peace you can easily achieve with your facial gua sha stone!

Your gua sha stone’s rhythmic + repetitive massage movements powerfully support stress levels – and stress-induced skin conditions. Massage like this sedates your sympathetic nervous system (aka your fight/flight response) and taps into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest).2  

Tapping into this system allows your body and mind to enter a state of relaxation, focusing on reparative functions and restoring overall health. This creates a ripple effect of well-being in spirit and skin.

*Mindset Tip: Repeat each stroke with your gua sha stone 5-10 times to fully drop into a deeper, relaxed state. Be sure to focus on areas of tension or tightness that need extra TLC. (You know the ones!)

For an even more powerful experience, combine your gua sha practice with a restorative, at-home facial!

Can One Facial Tool Really Do ALL of This? 

It’s a valid question! 

Gua Sha may sound like some magic formula or just too good to be true. But ultimately, this holistic approach to youthful skin is all about living well. Often, healing your skin is more about focused + intentional care – and less about throwing every product and tool its way. 

So no, your gua sha stone is not magic! It’s even better. ;) It’s gently pulling your skin’s built-in magic (aka self-healing powers) to the surface. Your job is to provide a little assistance. 

Pair your gua sha stone with the foundations of a healthy lifestyle to support skin that truly glows from the inside out.



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