Creating Cozy: 4 Steps To Create a Non-Toxic Autumn Ambience

Cooler air, crisp leaves and the change from coastal whites and blues to warm oranges and reds can only mean one thing: fall is here!

With the change of season comes the desire for all things cozy. All we have to do is hear the word and our thoughts drift to apple pie, oversized blankets and the smells that accompany our favorite types of gatherings that only happen this time of year.

Cozy is something we all crave, for me it’s when September 1st hits, yet I think a part of us expects it to just BE. If we step back and look cozy doesn't just happen. It has to be created. 

Ambience is a word that we typically use for galas, formal events and party planning. However, it also is a critical element to when we are creating our homes and working to host meaningful gatheringsAmbience communicates feelings, energy and messages to your guests without words, but rather through a few intentional details.

When considering how to use it in the way we hope, we need to consider 4 main elements: Lighting, Music, Space and Scents. Together, they bring meaning, purpose and clear messaging to our gatherings. Here’s how:



Picture lighting like gasoline for your event. The brighter the lights, the more fuel you are pumping into the room. The more subdued the lighting, the more calm and serenity you are promoting. Oftentimes lighting is used incorrectly which could change the entire outcome of a gathering.

To achieve a cozy atmosphere, our biggest suggestion is to avoid using main light sources. Instead resort to alternate lighting such as table lamps, open curtains on windows, or the subtle light from an essential oil diffuser. So far this season I have craved diffusing my Autumn Oil Blend, dimming the lights and enjoying the serenity.



We all have our go-to playlist. However, oftentimes we play our favorite music in the wrong setting and it shows through the invitation it gives our guests. Similar to lighting, music invites guests to dance and celebrate or breathe deep and rest. As you are creating cozy, imagine music that has a slow tempo and gives you the desire to snuggle up.

I have been drawn lately to acoustic playlists and my tried and true, Michael Buble. These gentle playlists create the parameters for what is expected, and I’ll tell you what, Michael Buble always has a way of making me “sway”. See what I did there :) Music also has a way of filling in space when we don't have words and acts as an awkward dynamic soother. Whether you have a sound system through your home or an Alexa, place the music where your guests will be and watch how it leads the way.



Guests need a place to be in order to feel welcomed and stay a while. So often we approach gatherings with a lens of ‘they’ll find somewhere to sit’. What happens though is if a guest doesn’t have a clear landing place, often they have difficulty settling and leave prematurely.

Whether you have a small space or an open concept you can use fold up chairs, decorative poufs or indoor/outdoor stations for guests to stay a while! When considering the connection of space and coziness, think spending time together seated, instead of standing. Comfy couches, floor cushions and loads of blankets are the name of the fall ambience game!


Scents are sentimental. They bring back memories and in many ways usher us into a season. Smell also subconsciously dictates perceived cleanliness. As guests, when we smell something pleasant we feel that a space is fresh and therefore allows ourselves to sink in a bit.

With notes of apple, citrus spice, hay and honey the Primally Pure’s Autumn Collection brings together both of these goals and allows us to welcome our guests intentionally, knowing that each layer of scent is non-toxic. To feel even better about diffusing oils, purchase a diffuser that matches your decor. Then, add a few drops of the Autumn Oil Blend and feel fall in the air. The beauty of this line, and the memories it invites, is that between the Room Spray, Hand Soap and Oil Blend you can create cozy throughout your home!

Atmosphere and ambience can communicate: engage and celebrate, or breathe deep and rest. As we enter into this new season let’s commit to taking a few intentional steps to make our guests feel permission to cozy up. Through each of these steps and the help of the Autumn Home Collection we can rest assured that this season may just be the most memorable one yet.

4 Steps To Create A Non-Toxic Autumn Ambience | Primally Pure Skincare

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