Golden days are here again.

Autumn Home Collection

A grounding blend of organic, wildcrafted essential oils inspired by the intrinsic aroma of Autumn. Infused with fresh citrus spice and apple blossom, hints of sweet honey and golden hay and notes of rich cacao instill a sense of warmth, well-being and abundance.


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With studies showing that the air quality within our home can actually be more toxic than outside, it's essential to swap harmful home products (like air fresheners, artificially scented candles and skin-stripping hand soaps) with solutions that are safe and support wellness for your whole family. That’s where our non-toxic Autumn Home Collection comes in.

Autumn Home Hand Soap from Primally Pure
Autumn Home Room Spray by Primally Pure

We intentionally source wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible for their heightened purity, potent aroma and powerful benefits. These botanicals are foraged from their natural habitat and have adapted to their own wild climates + difficult conditions. Due to their exposure to the elements, they grow stronger and heartier (without any help from humans) and develop more rare, rich + complex properties than even plants that are organically grown.

Wildcrafted oils not only create a more therapeutic and nutrient-dense product, but sustainably harvesting these plants protects our home (planet earth) and its precious resources.

As summer fades into autumn and days turn to gold,

As we gather around the table and savor the season’s harvest,

May we embody hospitality and generosity,

giving gratitude for this sacred space.

As nature’s palette transforms

and extends an invitation to do the same,

May we welcome this process within ourselves,

embracing the perfectly imperfect,

Showing up vulnerably, beautifully alive

and feeling fully at home,

with all of who we are.


the Pure Team

Autumn Home Essential Oil Blend by Primally Pure