Ingredient Spotlight: Why Astaxanthin Benefits Your Skin + More

At Primally Pure we love a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are crucial for healthy, glowing skin.  They repair/protect against damage of all kinds.

One of the all-stars when it comes to antioxidant content and effectiveness…? 

You might have heard us mention this little antioxidant before. But it’s time we give it the full spotlight it deserves. Astaxanthin benefits speak for themselves but regardless – we’ve got the scoop for you. 

If you’ve tried our Plumping Serum or Antioxidant Balm, you’ve probably noticed its unique red hue. You can thank astaxanthin for that. And the graceful aging effect you’ve experienced from the serum? That's just one of the astaxanthin benefits we’re here to rave about. 

You don’t want to miss today’s spotlight on this incredible ingredient. Astaxanthin benefits are not just for the skin. This magical antioxidant boosts whole body health.

What is Astaxanthin?

Even though the name is a tongue-twister, don’t let that stop you. You’ve got to experience the long list of astaxanthin benefits. (Oh and by the way, it’s pronounced Asta-ZAN-thin).

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that’s found in certain types of algae eaten by many sea creatures. So that’s why it’s also present in fish like salmon.

Fun fact: Astaxanthin is why flamingos are pink! 

There are a few different microalgae that contain astaxanthin. But the green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis is the richest source of astaxanthin.2

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid, a pigment that can be found in a variety of red + yellow plants and veggies. But astaxanthin stands out compared to other carotenoids for one main reason: Its ability to fight free radicals. 

Astaxanthin is:1

  • 6000 times greater than vitamin C
  • 550 times more effective than vitamin E
  • 40 times more powerful than beta-carotene

On top of that, it’s far more bioactive than other carotenoids. So it’s able to work with your biology seamlessly, similar to tallow. It’s no wonder this translates into powerful internal beauty + immunity benefits too.

Astaxanthin Benefits

Get ready because the astaxanthin benefits stretch far and wide. From brain health to glowing skin, astaxanthin benefits your whole self. Holistic health lovers, rejoice.

Astaxanthin Health Benefits

At Primally Pure, we’re always sharing holistic health remedies to support your skin from the inside out. Astaxanthin is no exception – these astaxanthin health benefits are more than just skin deep. Focusing on full-body health is important because your skin is a reflection of your physical health – external and internal.

Here are the biggest-hitting astaxanthin health benefits:

  • Brain health — astaxanthin benefits the brain with anti-inflammatory properties and protection from oxidative stress.3
  • Endurance and recovery — studies show astaxanthin improves your endurance and recovery time from exercise.4
  • Heart health — astaxanthin benefits the heart with its anti-inflammatory properties and oxidative protection against heart disease.5
  • Anti-cancer properties — it’s no surprise that this powerful antioxidant boasts real-life proof from studies. It’s been shown to reduce the growth of cancer cells and could potentially be used as a cancer therapy in the future.6
  • Improved male fertility — a study shows that sperm count improves with the supplementation of astaxanthin.7  
  • Eye health — astaxanthin is shown to decrease the risk of cataract formation.2
  • Rich in omega-3 fats — getting a daily dose of healthy fats is difficult with lots of seed oils in the American diet. Astaxanthin benefits your body by providing these essential fats. 
  • Traps + stabilizes toxins in the body — astaxanthin traps many different types of free radicals and stabilizes them. This is critical to transport toxins out of the body through the liver. 8

See? These results speak for themselves. Ready to dive into the astaxanthin skin benefits? It’s our favorite part. ;) 

Astaxanthin Skin Benefits

Plenty of studies show a significant overall improvement in skin health with astaxanthin. So there’s plenty of data to back up astaxanthin benefits. Astaxanthin benefits the skin in more ways than we will probably ever know.

But everything we do know? It sure is impressive.

For example, one notable study showed visible improvements in skin. This included wrinkles, age spot size, elasticity, skin texture, and moisture content.9

This means astaxanthin can make exciting things happen for your skin like:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Less hyperpigmentation
  • More even texture
  • More plump skin – you’ll be on your way to jello skin.

And check out these more specific astaxanthin skin benefits:

  • Reduces signs of aging from oxidative stress — aka wrinkles and premature aging. Oxidative stress (reactive oxygen species) is one of the biggest factors in aging skin.9
  • Reduces inflammation — this is important because not only is inflammation the culprit for breakouts, redness, and irritation. It’s the precursor to many diseases like cancer and even skin damage. 
  • Protection against sun burns/damage — did you know that many surfers take astaxanthin internally on a daily basis? Surfers often swear by its ability to keep your skin from burning. Astaxanthin benefits your skin when you’re in the sun. It regulates the reactive oxygen species stimulated by sun exposure.
  • Repairs DNA damage caused by sun damage or oxidative stress astaxanthin boosts stress-response enzymes that repair damaged skin.9
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production — while also suppressing cell damage caused by free radicals. 
  • Improved blood flow —  paired with lymphatic support, blood flow brings nutrients to your skin where it’s most needed.10  
  • Improves moisture levels in your skinastaxanthin benefits the moisture and sebum levels in your skin. And as you know, a healthy skin microbiome is key. So supporting the moisture barrier is an added benefit.
  • Accelerates wound healingthanks to the increased production of collagen and elastin, your skin is able to heal faster + more effeciently.11
  • Improves immune system responsesastaxanthin benefits your immune system with antitumor activity.9 This matters for your skin too, because your immune system plays a role in skin health.
  • Optimizes the potency of other antioxidantsamazingly, astaxanthin can even enhance the protective capacities of other antioxidants in your body.8

How to Take Advantage of All the Astaxanthin Benefits

The good news: astaxanthin is present in nature in surprising quantities. You’ll find it in many whole food sources, as well as in supplement form. 

And, of course, as skincare enthusiasts, we love the impressive topical astaxanthin benefits.

Here’s how to best use astaxanthin.

Apply Topically 

Check out our Plumping Serum and Antioxidant Balm boosted with astaxanthin. Or during warmer months – when you’re exposed to the sun more – try using a sunscreen with astaxanthin.

Take Internally 

You can go one of two routes with internal astaxanthin: 

  • Supplements — Because of demand, more synthetic options are being produced. Natural is always better – and is said to be more potent too. Manufacturers typically recommend 4-8 milligrams of astaxanthin 2-3 times daily with meals.

Tip: Our founder Bethany gets astaxanthin through the skin superfood salmon roe. She takes a few servings per week like a supplement.

  • Food sources — there are plenty of foods rich in astaxanthin like:
    • Microalgae
    • Salmon
    • Red trout
    • Krill
    • Shrimp
    • Crayfish
    • Crustaceans

Are You on Team Astaxanthin Yet?

Beautiful skin and overall well-being crammed into one tiny little holistic compound? Yes, please! This fantastic ingredient is easily found in a variety of whole foods. And it's one ingredient you definitely want to look into for skin + physical health benefits.

We’ll say that again: we love the long list of astaxanthin benefits. It’s proven to build health in your body (and your skin). 

If you haven’t tried this powerful little antioxidant in your daily lineup yet, what are you waiting for? Shop our Plumping Serum and Antioxidant Balm. They're both full of incredible astaxanthin benefits, boosted by nourishing ingredients. All sourced from nature, as always.  


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