5 Tips To Refresh Your Skincare Routine For Spring

We all feel it: the fresh energy that arrives with spring.

As we hang up our heavier sweaters and swap them for lighter layers, as we leave the windows open longer and welcome the need to deep clean, let's do the same with our skin.

What was needed in our winter routine isn't necessarily what will still serve your skin this season. Tune in and take note: what does your skin need this spring? With the shifting of seasons, all it takes is a few tiny adjustments to your daily routine to rewaken your complexion and get your glow back.

Ready to reveal vibrant, living skin again? Here are 5 tips to refresh your skincare routine for spring.

Facial Dry Brush: Sweep Away Winter Skin

Add in a gentle, daily exfoliation with a facial dry brush to lift away dull/dry winter skin and reveal new living cells - plus wake up lymphatic stagnation for a natural spring glow. Here's a 2-minute tutorial from our Holistic Esthetician to help you detoxify and brighten winter skin in minutes.


Double Cleanse: Deep Clean

Spring clean your skin with double cleansing to dissolve impurities, debris and dull winter skin. Step one melts away makeup and buildup while step two ensures a thorough, complete cleanse - leaving your complexion soft and seriously glowing.


Skin Specific Mist: Replenish Nutrients

Spritz your way into spring with botanical hydrosols in our Skin Specific Mists to replenish after a long, dry winter, combat dehydration and infuse nutrients more deeply. Like a drink of water for your skin, spritz daily for a dewy complexion.


Serum + Cream: Layer Up

Layers are still a must for changing temps - start with a lightweight antioxidant-rich serum and then layer a skin-specific cream to lock in hydration and healing. However, this is where tuning in and listening to your skin makes all the difference: some days an additional layer isn't needed and all your skin really wants is to wear something lightweight. Let your skin guide you when you're getting ready for your day. :) 


Facial Mask: Reveal Vibrant, Living Skin

Here is your spring super power: raw honey, mineral-rich clays and restorative herbs. Mask weekly with ingredients straight from nature to naturally stimulate cellular renewal and reveal a more vibrant complexion this season. Tip: try honey tapping to activate even more lymphatic flow and enhance skin's glow from within.


That's it! 5 simple tips and tweaks that will totally transform your skin this spring.

What are some of your spring skincare tips? Have you tried the ones above? Tell us below! XO

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