Easy Tips To Elevate Your Skincare Routine (And Results)

Before we get into this week’s blog post, I have a few questions for you:

  • Are you getting the most of your skincare routine?
  • Are you hitting your skincare goals?
  • Are you happy with your current lineup?

Whether it’s an enthusiastic “yes!”, a hesitant “no” or an honest “I don’t know”, you’re probably investing quite a bit of time and energy (along with your hard-earned $$) into the products you’re applying to your skin on a daily basis.

What if I told you there were super simple adjustments you could make to your routine - without requiring a complete overhaul - to help you get the most out of every drop from your products and even better, more visible benefits for your skin.

Today I’m spilling easy tweaks to elevate your skincare routine - and results!

Double Time

If you’re not double cleansing yet, this upgrade to your daily routine will make all the difference. After a long day, it can be all too easy to skimp on this step (or skip it entirely), mindlessly move through the motions and miss areas of debris and buildup - which can lead to chronic inflammation and degrade youth-promoting compounds like collagen and elastin.

This 2-step cleansing technique works double time to ensure a completely clean complexion without any residual impurities, pollutants or product. After double cleansing, all that remains is a clean, radiant and balanced complexion. Let's break it down:

Step 1: Use a Cleansing Oil first to effortlessly lift impurities, dissolve excess sebum and melt away makeup, even eye makeup (plus this cleanser contains castor oil which encourages hair growth: an added bonus for your lashes and brows), without stripping the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Keeping this barrier balanced is a *must* to avoid vicious cycles of acne, inflammation and dehydration.

Step 2: Suds up with a second cleanser that contains properties that are customized to your skin’s specific needs. Here are a few key ingredients to look for: 

  • Charcoal purifies congestion and clarifies an oil-rich complexion.
  • Rose kaolin clay stimulates cell renewal and infuses dry skin with moisture.
  • Lavender gently cleanses while calming skin with antibacterial compounds.

Double cleansing daily, or even just a few times a week, is an easy way (did I mention it only takes 2 minutes?) to effectively eliminate breakouts, slow down the effects of aging and allow maximum penetration of your superpower skincare products to follow - like your toner...

Seal It In With A Spritz

Toning is one of the most overlooked and understated steps in your skincare routine, but the secret to elevating your results is to make this nutrient-dense mist your go-to when transitioning from one step to the next.

The golden rule of toning is that any time you remove a product, like a cleanser or a mask, replenish with a few mists and press into skin to enhance penetration. But if you want to take your glow to the next level, spritz after applying your serum/cream to seal in all the skin-nourishing ingredients. Both oil and water are needed for naturally glowing skin and this final spritz drives hydration and healing even deeper into the skin.

Typically I try to live by the philosophy, less is more - but when it comes to toning, more is just, well, more. ;)

Masking Secrets

It’s no secret that adding in a facial mask a few times a week is going to give you a more radiant, refined complexion. But here’s my secret for heightened results from your skin-specific mask: honey tapping. Have you tried it?

The tacky texture of honey paired with a simple tapping technique wakes up stagnant lymphatic flow (which is essential for clear, youthful skin) and optimizes drainage to expedite detoxification, immediately depuff and reveal a brighter, firmer appearance.

How to: After applying your skin-specific mask, gently tap your skin with your fingers, moving from your neck up the face and finishing on the forehead. Make honey tapping a weekly habit to revive your skin, relax your mind and create healthier skin, from the outside in and the inside out.

It's All About The Layers

Now that we’ve already laid a solid foundation for optimal skin health, let’s round out your routine (and elevate your results even more) by layering your targeted treatment products.

Specific products in your skincare routine actually work better together and build on the benefits of one another. Organic, high-performing plants and sustainably-sourced animal fats function synergistically to enhance effectiveness and feed the skin at a cellular level.

As you finish up your skincare routine, apply a lightweight skin-specific serum first to deliver active ingredients straight into the skin. Then layer a more occlusive skin-specific cream over your serum to seal in hydration and provide a layer of defense as you face the day ahead. It’s that simple!

P.S. If you feel like layering a serum and cream in your morning routine is a little much for your oil-rich skin, try layering just at night for a double dose of plant medicine while you sleep and wake up to skin that’s balanced and oh so glowy.

Okay guys, remember the questions I asked at the start? If “yes” wasn’t your answer to all three, these tips are going to help change that. Get ready to actually reach your skin goals and finally find a skincare lineup - and results - you love.

Give these easy skincare tweaks a try tonight, and trust me, your skin will feel like it just spent the day at the spa (but in a lot less time) - and your mind just might feel the same way, too. Sounds like a win-win to me. :)

Tell us what skincare tweaks have made a difference for your skin! Drop them in the comments below. XO

Easy Tips To Elevate Your Skincare Routine (And Results) | Primally Pure Skincare

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