2 Steps To Cleaner, Clearer Skin

Time to spring clean your skin! Looking for a deeper clean, clearer skin and brighter glow? We've got 2 words for you: double cleansing.

Hit refresh on your skincare routine (and sense of wellness) by adding a 2nd step to your cleansing ritual that works deep within your pores ensuring no trace of makeup, buildup or dirt is left behind - while still balancing oil production and protecting your skin’s microbiome.

This 2-step cleansing routine is everything, especially as we’re transitioning seasons (hello, spring!). If you're prone to breakouts and an oil-rich complexion or even dryness and dullness, double cleansing daily will help create a cleaner, clearer complexion (hello, glow!).

Here's how to double cleanse:


You don’t need suds and sulfates for a squeaky clean feel.

Damaging detergents actually do a number on your skin’s microbiome - throwing it way out of whack leaving you with sensitized skin or pores that are trying to overcompensate by producing even. more. oil. Detox from sulfates, phthalates, fragrances and PEG compounds that can strip/irritate skin and instead, deeply clean with ingredients that actually nourish your skin.

All you need to start your skin’s spring cleaning is a cleansing oil.

The right ratio of organic, cold-pressed oils completely purifies the pores (even oil-rich complexions!) while still preserving the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Based on the scientific principle like dissolves like, cleansing oils are formulated to fully lift away makeup, excess oils, buildup, debris and dull winter skin while feeding your skin with nutrient-dense, nourishing ingredients.

New to this counterintuitive appraoch to cleansing? Here are 3 tips (and check out this tutorial!) to help you navigate this new way of washing your face: 

  1. Get the correct cleansing oil: The blend that will work best for you depends on your *current* skin state (oil-rich, normal, or dry). Tune in to your skin to see how it's feeling and adjust your formula if needed based on the season, your climate, current lifestyle, etc. Still not sure? Take this 2-minute Skin Quiz to find out!
  2. Massage is where the magic happens: Massaging the product on dry skin for at least a minute is when the cleansing oil really does its dirty work by dissolving build-up and nourishing skin with powerful plant nutrients. P.S. Pay special attention to areas more prone to dryness, congestion or tension. Here’s a 2-minute tutorial to show you how!
  3. Don’t give up before the glow: Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for your skin to fully adjust to this new method of cleansing but balanced, glowing skin is right around the corner. Give it time and trust the process! Check out this blog (and feedback from the PP fam below!) for encouragement as you make the swap to Oil Cleansing Method.

"Within a few weeks of using this Cleansing Oil the composition of my skin COMPLETELY CHANGED.” -Anna

"I use to have extremely oily and acne-prone skin and adding this into my skincare regimen has saved me! I changed from Oily to now using Normal and my breakouts and scarring have cleared completely." -Katherine

“I look forward to my mini spa session every night. In just a couple minutes I feel rejuvenated and my skin is left feeling soft and moisturized.” -Delene



Now for our lather-loving friends, this next step is for you. You can still suds up sans stripping chemicals to create a clean, balanced skin barrier.

Oil and water is the most effective combo to cleanse and clarify your complexion.

After the cleansing oil breaks up makeup and dissolves pore-clogging buildup, adding in a water-based cleansing bar offers a light, foaming lather that gently washes away any remaining impurities and rebalances skin. This second step comes in for a final sweep, leaving skin completely clean, insanely soft and seriously glowing. 

Based on your specific skin state, here are the best cleansing bars to add to your double cleansing ritual:

  • Plumping Bar: A light exfoliating lather softens skin texture and signs of aging. Draw out impurities without overdrying with coconut milk, pink kaolin clay and carrot seed oil to stimluate cell renewal and deeply nourish to reveal a more youthful appearance.
  • Soothing Bar: Restore sensitive skin from the first step in your skincare routine. Gently cleanse and rebalance the skin barrier with tamanu, lavender and sandalwood to calm redness and support skin’s delicate/damaged microbiome.
  • Clarifying Bar: A dream for your double cleansing routine (and beating hormonal breakouts!). Wash away impurities and balance excess oil with raw honey, charcoal and purifying essential oils to calm acne and repair pigmenation for a more even skin tone.

Finally look forward to washing your face (and the results that follow!) and watch this step-by-step double cleansing tutorial from our Holistic Esthetician.

See, spring cleaning your skin is that simple: 2 steps = 2 minutesNow your skin is ready to fully absorb your superfood serums and creams for a serious glow and vibrant complexion that people can’t help but compliment!

Double cleansing has made a huge difference in my skin and I have gotten tons of compliments on how great my skin looks.” -Katrina

“My husband and I both use the face oil and double cleanse and we are hooked. It’s so nice and moisturizing, easily removes my makeup, and is a nice morning and evening ritual (aka 2 minute break away from the kiddos). My skin is absolutely glowing with these products.” -Kandyce

Double Cleansing is just like hitting a refresh button for your skin (and self). As you mindfully massage the skin and wash away impurities, dirt and the stress of the day, may these 2 steps to cleaner, clearer skin remind you to cleanse and detoxify what no longer serves you - creating a clean canvas and a fresh foundation to begin again, in skin and spirit. XO


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