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Sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees in South America, the aroma of pure Palo Santo helps to promote feelings of peace, clarity and calm.

    • Palo Santo: Similar to incense, this fragrant wood of citrus + cedar fills any space with an aroma that cleanses, uplifts and purifies.
    • Hold a stick of Palo Santo at a 45-degree angle over an open flame until the wood catches fire. Allow it to burn for about a minute until the flame goes out naturally. Place the Palo Santo in a small fire-safe bowl (or walk with the wood throughout your home, office or even your van!) and let the fragrant, cleansing smoke linger in your space.


  • INGREDIENTS: Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)*

    *Non-endangered species of Palo Santo sustainably sourced in Ecuador from naturally fallen trees.


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Rebecca C.
United States United States
First purchase of Palo Santo

I've only enjoyed Palo Santo at spas and certain fitness studios, but I love having this at home, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic and quarantine. It is a calming scent and brings positive energy into our NYC apartment.

Jacquelyn L.
United States United States
Love this ❤️

I really enjoy the warm calming essence of burning Palo Santo. It lasts forever! Just be careful not to let the wood be ‘lit’ for too long, or it gets too strong. That’s the beauty of its effectiveness- a little bit goes a long way

Love the smell

I love the smell but I can’t keep it lit. Any suggestions?

Primally Pure

Hi Stacey! If the flame is going out before it's been a minute, feel free to relight the wood (holding the flame over it just until it catches). Hope that helps, but please feel free to reach out at if you have any other questions! xoxo

Ashlyn O.
United States United States
Great smell!

Love using the Palo Santo around our home. Smells great!

Just Okay

I really wanted to love this since I am a HUGE Primally Pure fan, but it was just okay. It had a very church-like smell to it, and the first time it was lit, tiny ash particles filled the room (eventually landing all over the couch, table, carpet, etc). It did seem to have a peaceful, “incense” feel to it, but overall I didn’t love the smell and the mess of the ash was more stressful than clarifying.

Primally Pure

Hi Alayna, Thanks so much for reaching out and I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying this product as much as you had hoped you would! We completely understand that everyone's scent preferences are different and have reached out to you with a solution that we hope you'll find helpful :) Thanks again and please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help in any other way! All the best,