Why Natural Skincare Products Are Essential For This Entrepreneur's Productivity

“I don’t have time for an 8-step skincare routine.”

When she asked me why Primally Pure was my go-to for natural skincare products, that was my answer.

I’ll be honest with you — as an entrepreneur, I have a lot on my plate. Which means I usually don’t have time for extensive routines (just being real, can you relate?).

One of my core values is ease, so I look for natural skincare products that support a sense of ease in my life. To me, this means products that are effective without extra effort — and Primally Pure is just that. I know that I can use one product (a swipe of the Clarifying Serum does it for me on my busy days) and see incredible results.

I need products that can keep up with my busy lifestyle, and also support me in feeling my best.

My business, Curate Well Co., helps female entrepreneurs start and scale savvy, streamlined service-based businesses. With strategy and hard work, I scaled to multiple six-figures in the first year in business — and I couldn’t have done that if I didn’t prioritize my well-being.

I have to feel my best in order to show up for my clients and community, so I choose what I put in and on my body intentionally.

As an entrepreneur (or a mama!), balancing our productivity is key — and our productivity is directly linked to how we take care of ourselves.

Did you know that some ingredients in traditional personal care products have been linked to endocrine disorders, development delays, neurological problems, and even cancer? The average woman uses at least 12 personal care products every day. That means, every single day, your skin — your body’s largest organ — can be absorbing harmful ingredient after harmful ingredient.

I switched to natural skincare products when I realized just how quickly this exposure adds up. I knew that I could give more if I took care of my whole being — but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice efficacy.

I wanted products that worked and that looked fabulous sitting on my counter (enter: Primally Pure). The Curate Well Co. community values excellence — we love low-maintenance, luxurious products.

I started swapping out my products one by one. When I made the switch, I didn’t want to waste the products that I already owned. So, I exchanged them one by one as they ran out (PP’s Charcoal Deodorant was my first ever non-toxic product!).

These are my favorite PP natural skincare products to support my entrepreneur lifestyle:

    • Charcoal Deodorant: Like I said, this was the product that converted me to a Primally Pure user! I love the subtle addition of eucalyptus essential oil.


    • Clarifying Serum: This is my daily go-to for a vibrant complexion! If I was only going to use one product on my face, this would be it. It’s perfect for a low-maintenance glow.


    • Natural Dry Shampoo: I use the Dark Locks dry shampoo. The smell is so divine (hint: it’s made with cocoa powder), and it comes in handy on those busy weeks when I test how long I can do without washing my hair!


    • Lip Balm: If there is even the smallest chance that you’re going to ingest a personal care product, you better make sure it is clean! I have a PP lip balm tucked into every pocket, and we include them in our gift boxes to clients!


  • Oil Diffuser Blend: Ditch the toxic air fresheners and perfume-filled candles. Since I work from home as an entrepreneur, setting the tone in my office is super important for productive days! Not only does this blend purify the air, but it keeps me energized and focused during long workdays.

It’s a shame that the beauty industry is largely unregulated, leaving many women with undiagnosed health issues that can have a ripple effect on things like our capacity to show up at work (and at home!). By switching to Primally Pure’s non-toxic alternatives, I know that I’m preventing my exposure to toxins that could give me brain fog, fatigue, or any other conditions that could harm my health and my ability to show up for my company.

I’m in the business of helping women cause a massive aligned and authentic impact — and that’s not possible if we’re not taking care of ourselves first and holding ourselves to a standard of integrity — from ingredients in our products to executing business ideas.

By ensuring that everything I put in and on my body is of the highest quality (thanks, PP!), I can be confident that I’ll be able to run my business as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Productivity is directly linked to how we take care of ourselves. Click here for this entrepreneur's top non-toxic products! | Primally Pure Skincare

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Pia Beck

Pia Beck, CEO of Curate Well Co., is a life + business coach for female entrepreneurs who want to start and scale service-based businesses. Known for turning pain points into action items, she combines purpose and process to help her clients and community built savvy, streamlined, sensational businesses — so they can make massive aligned and authentic impact, launch a life they love, and leave a legacy. At Curate Well Co., they believe in a curated life on purpose through sharing your unique gifts.