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Wrap Up With The Winter Home Collection

Be still, breathe deep and stay well this winter.


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As you come in from the cold, this collection encourages stillness and space for quiet contemplation while enhancing a deep sense of warmth and wellness.

Infused with notes of crisp, cleansing black spruce and bay laurel, hints of sweet, woodsy silver fir and cedarwood, and a touch of the rich, smoky aroma of tobacco, this mindfully formulated blend of organic + wildcrafted botanicals turns an ordinary winter day into a moment of wonder.

Winter Home Collection
Winter Home Collection

Studies have revealed that the concentration of pollutants inside the home is hundreds of times higher than outside - leading to a whole host of negative health issues. Let the cleansing, calming aroma of winter wrap around you and fortify your family’s wellness this season as you diffuse, mist and cleanse with the Winter Home Collection.

The perfect complement to frosty mornings and chilly nights, this highly antiviral blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils delivers an immediate dose of powerful plant medicine to purify your home and provide seasonal wellness support to help you + your family stay healthy all winter long.

As winter dawns, may we re-discover the natural rhythms and wonder unfolding all around us - the intricacy of a snowflake, the faint scent of pine, the feeling of wool wrapped around your skin, the crackling fire as the season’s only soundtrack, the peaceful pace of nature and the promise of all that’s still to come.

This season, seek solace at home and create a sanctuary you can retreat to at any time with the Winter Home Collection.

From our home to yours,

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