This Wellness Blogger Shares 5 Intentions For The Holiday Season

There is nothing quite like the excitement the holiday season brings. The music, the lights, the gathering of family and friends – it’s such a magical time of year.

Although, I can’t help but notice as each year passes time seems to speed up and everything starts to move faster. During the holidays, we eat fast, buy fast and move fast – when we do so, it’s easy to lose intention and neglect taking care of ourselves.

Here are 5 intentions to help you navigate through the holidays and make the most of a season for celebration.

Get ahead of the hustle

The holiday hustle is real! With endless gatherings, it’s easy to overbook leaving you to feel tired, stressed and over-exerted. Leave plenty of time for the “small moments”, consider RSVPing ‘no’ to that mid-week holiday party to stay home with your family for some quality time. Only say ‘yes’ to the commitments that bring you joy – don’t beat yourself up about not accepting every invitation.

In planning your holiday party circuit, consider buying one outfit you can wear a number of different ways – this will cut down on spending costs and the dreaded “wardrobe war”. Lock in your “go-to” holiday recipe! Find something easy to make for your next holiday pot-luck – you’ll be prepared and always have the ingredients on hand.

Make your list… with intention

I used to be the queen of ‘last-minute trips’ to Target. Running in minutes before a party, only to buy something totally meaningless and totally over-budget. Take the time to plan your holiday gifting, include everyone on your list from family, friends, office-mates and hostess gifts. When you take the time to plan, your purchases will come from a place of intention vs. urgency. Not only will you be less stressed and in control of your budget, but you’ll have the time to find meaningful gifts for everyone on your list.

This year, I am gifting my adventure-loving fiancé the Primally Pure Nature Spray, and a fresh new bottle of Mojito Beard Oil (he loves this stuff!). My Mom and bestie will be so excited to open this skin-loving serum, and I am stocking up on the Mini Body Butter Collection and these bath soaks as hostess gifts!

Make time to move

Part of slowing down means making time to maintain your wellness routine. It seems like the holidays bring endless opportunities to skip a workout. Between wrapping gifts, catching up with old friends or preparing your home for guests, it’s easy to find ways to fill up free time. When you prioritize moving your body, you are more likely to make better choices all throughout the season.

Find a neighbor to walk with before the rush of the day settles in, or ask a friend to meet you at a pilates class. Release stress, reduce tension and increase mental clarity with any type of daily movement. Whether you have 15 minutes or 50, make the time to schedule it in – consider downloading the ClassPass app or buying credits at a local studio to keep you on track.

Give yourself the gift of self-care

The holidays are a time to fill our homes with joy and our hearts with love but it’s easy to forget to make time for ourselves. During this busy season, it’s so important to give yourself the gift of self-care. This doesn’t mean you have to jet off to a lavish spa or take a tropical vacation. One of my favorite ways to work in self-care during a busy season is to elevate my everyday routine. I like to set my alarm for 20 minutes and dedicate that time to working through my face washing or shower routine with extra care.

Here’s an easy AM or PM routine: Start by applying this Cleansing Oil all over the face and décolletage. While that settles in, dry brush in an upward motion from toe to head (always working towards the heart). When it’s time to remove the cleanser, take extra care in the process, use a hot washcloth to carefully remove the oil and open your pores. While your skin is still damp, spritz the Lavender Complexion Mist all over, take the time to close your eyes and enjoy the aromatherapy effects of this incredible product. When that settles in, apply this serum, followed by the Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream. Happy skin, happy you!

Stay present

Keeping your mind present can be challenging when you’re moving in a million different directions. During this special season remember to take the time to practice gratitude. Throughout the holiday season, I like to leave three blank notecards and a pen on my desk every evening. When I am going about my morning routine, I take a moment to stop and write out three cards to friends, family or co-workers I am thankful for. Expressing gratitude brings us back to the present moment and gives us the opportunity to slow down.

Consider gathering a group of friends for a card exchange! Everyone brings three cards and pre-addressed envelopes, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your connection with friends, and you never know when a note of gratitude will show up in your mailbox – bringing you right back to the present moment.

Cheers to a bright + beautiful holiday season, friends!

You can find tips like these and more over on Grace’s Instagram or check out her website for all things self-care and intentional living.


During the holiday hustle, it's all too easy to lose intention + neglect taking care of ourselves.  Click here for 5 intentions for the holiday season! | Primally Pure Skincare

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