The Beauty of Brevity: Heartfelt Thoughts From Our Holistic Esthetician

Brevity is a word that might feel a bit foreign or unfamiliar in our modern world. 

With the deafening messages influencing our current culture of “hustle hard, more is better and build until you burn out”, it’s as if we believe we’re unstoppable, unbreakable.

Living as if we’ll live forever – forgetting the fragility of life. 

In one regard, I get it. Our time on this earth is short, so YOLO (“you only live once” for my mama’s generation). We want to squeeze every ounce out of life and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Yet while we want to create a positive, lasting impact and have as much fun as possible along the way, all too often we start to sacrifice our self, our health or our families for the sake of pursuing more – while bypassing moments of the very meaning and beauty we’re trying to make.

Brevity is a virtue, but I wonder if its value is diminishing as we’ve become accustomed to sprinting through our days and placing unsustainable demands on our schedules and on ourselves – believing nothing can slow us down.

Until one day it does.

Oftentimes it isn’t until we come face-to-face with the reality of our limited days or physical limits that the little things finally become the most fulfilling, that we are forced to find a new rhythm and that the beauty of brevity breaks in.

Right now, my right foot is in a splint and I’m unable to walk for the next few months. I ran hard, I moved fast and it landed me in a cast. My prayer is that an injury or illness isn’t needed to remind us of the brevity of life (but maybe for me it was). 

This season, may we accept the invitation to view brevity as a gift rather than a limitation or an inevitable reality we try to ruthlessly avoid. May it serve as a reminder to slow down, to embrace the fragility and beauty all around us – that is us. 

May we learn to discover the beauty of brevity so we may grow in wisdom and walk our limited days here on this earth with even more presence and purpose.

When we grasp the brevity, the beauty is that much greater.

XO, Courtney

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The Beauty of Brevity: Heartfelt Thoughts From Our Holistic Esthetician | Primally Pure Skincare

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