Switching to Natural Deodorant: What to Expect + Tips to Help You Adjust

You're here because you're considering switching to natural deodorant. Or maybe you're just curious and looking for some honest information about what your experience will be like. 

We get it – It’s nerve-wracking to make a big change with your personal care products. Just the thought of swapping out your antiperspirant might make you sweat. But switching to natural deodorant doesn’t have to be scary. We promise you’ll be glad you made the switch. It’s one of the best decisions you can make for your health and a non-toxic lifestyle. 

Our natural deodorant was carefully formulated from years of research + trial and error. Our goal: to give you the best experience possible – even if you’re used to conventional deodorants.

So if rumors surrounding the dreaded natural deodorant detox phase or armpit rashes are holding you back from making the transition, we want to clear the air. And you might be surprised to learn that for some, switching to natural deodorant is stress-free (and odorless!). 

We’re breaking it all down for you. Let's bust a few myths + shed some light on the biggest FAQs from our community. As always, we want to empower you with transparent, helpful information.

So here’s what you can actually expect switching to natural deodorant at Primally Pure.

Truth: You Will Still Sweat with Natural Deodorant

Let's get this fear out of the way first, shall we? Yes, you will sweat when switching to natural deodorant. But trust us, sweat is not the enemy. 

→ The real enemy? 

The loads of chemicals and synthetically engineered fragrances in your conventional deodorant.

For decades, some of the most popular types of deodorants (antiperspirants specifically) have been engineered to completely block your pores from sweating using harmful chemicals like aluminum. Yikes. And chemicals aside, you’d never want to prevent your body from its natural functions. Our bodies are intelligently designed to self-heal + regulate.

Because despite the bad rep, sweat is a healthy, necessary function. It detoxifies + keeps your body balanced. So it’s not a bad thing. Quite the opposite, sweat is something we should embrace. Of course, this isn’t the way our culture has trained us to think, so it feels like a lot to wrap your mind around. But it’s slowly catching on as more people realize the important role of sweat in our bodies. (Thank goodness!)

So here’s what you need to know about sweat before switching to natural deodorant: 

  • Your body will normalize your sweat production. Although you will sweat when you switch to natural deodorant, things will adjust with time. If you’re feeling extra sweaty, give it a few weeks to regulate – and be kind to yourself. It’s impossible to predict exactly how long this phase will be since everyone’s bodies are different. But it will regulate. The thing to focus on: your body is detoxing – yay!
  • You’re choosing a cleaner, natural option that supports long-term health. When given the chance to sweat, your body intelligently begins to purge itself. It will purge toxins from your chemical-filled deodorants + other toxic products you've used in the past. Science has shown your sweat excretes heavy metals and other carcinogens. So utilizing this detox pathway in your body is beneficial for overall well-being.1,2 
  • You'll find you sweat less over time! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. ;) Our natural deodorant has a cumulative effect, so the more you use it, the better it works.
  • You may experience fewer breakouts + blemishes. When you allow your body to detox through sweat, you'll be less likely to detox through your skin. So move your body more, and make the switch to a natural deodorant that doesn't prevent perspiration.

Switching to natural deodorant allows your skin to breathe, rids your body of toxic buildup + regulates your sweat production. See? Sweat is not the enemy. 

Okay, but what about body odor? 

Your Natural Deodorant Needs the Right Ingredients to Safely Fight Odor

Body odor (or B.O.) is a big concern when switching to a natural deodorant. 

→ Will natural deodorant actually mask my body odor? 

At Primally Pure, our answer is a resounding yes. But we don’t blame you for wondering – it’s a valid question! The answer lies in which natural deodorant you choose + what ingredients it contains.

Unfortunately, you may have already had a run-in with a few different “natural deodorants.” That left you smelling like foul body odor mixed with… fake flowers? (Ummm, no thanks.)

But don't be tempted to turn back to your drugstore brand! Steer clear of engineered scents + carcinogenic chemicals that attempt to cover odor. There’s a much better alternative with safe + real odor-clearing abilities (find it here).

With the right ingredients + formulation, switching to natural deodorant doesn’t have to cost you smelly pits.

Here’s what you should know about odor when switching to natural deodorant:

  • If you see "fragrance" or “parfum” listed on the label, don’t buy it. It’s code for "chemical cocktail". With unregulated ingredients and sneaky marketing hidden behind this term, you can almost guarantee the company is hiding more than just their “scent.” Plus, many “fragrance” blends don’t cover up the stink anyways!
  • At Primally Pure, our non-toxic deodorant has powerful, proven, and SAFE odor-fighting ingredients. We use clean, organic ingredients like fair-trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, sensitive-friendly baking soda, nourishing tallow, and organic essential oils. 
  • You may experience a detox phase. Along with excess sweat, there can be a period of excess odor when switching to natural deodorant. But, like sweat, it should balance out and subside in a week or two, depending on the current chemical buildup in your body. You can also try this detox recipe for your pits to speed up the process. 
  • If your odor lingers, try a lifestyle reset. Eliminate processed and refined foods, eat lots of leafy green vegetables, and get regular exercise (aka sweat more). These all help support the detoxification process + promote balanced pits – and less B.O.!

The verdict: don’t let this fear hold you back. All-day odor protection – without the risks of dangerous ingredients – IS possible. So don’t fear switching to natural deodorant.

Advice for Our Sensitive Skin Friends 

Does the thought of redness, rashes, or inflammation make you nervous to try another natural deodorant? 

When switching to natural deodorant, this is a common hesitation. 

If you have sensitive skin, you’re used to having your guard up against anything that may cause a flare-up. And for good reason – irritated skin is no fun. Baking soda is an incredibly effective odor-fighting ingredient – which is why it’s very common in natural deodorants. 

So it would make sense that most people with sensitive skin assume the baking soda is what irritates their pits. But baking soda is not always the culprit.

While baking soda could be the issue with some natural deodorants, there’s more to the story. So don’t toss your hopes for switching to natural deodorant just yet – especially our deodorant. ;) 

Surprisingly, sometimes irritation isn’t caused merely by the presence of baking soda but by other factors – like the sourcing + the ingredients paired with it. 

→ So why can many with sensitive skin still wear our deodorant, even with baking soda in it? There are a few reasons. 

  • We’ve spent years of trial + error to find the perfect formula. Our deodorant contains the perfect amount of baking soda – enough to combat odor but not enough to irritate – for the vast majority of people.
  • Our baking soda is produced differently. We get our baking soda naturally mined from an environmentally friendly facility in Colorado. The consistency is a finer grain which is less abrasive – resulting in a much more gentle application + wear.
  • Our good-for-you ingredients include nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. With anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial properties to combat irritation and heal skin, our deodorant leaves your pits smooth and protected. 
  • Our unscented deodorant was made just for sensitive skin types. Free from essential oils, it’s great for anyone who might have extra sensitive skin.

There are a few other ways to keep irritation at bay + protect sensitive skin when switching to natural deodorant:

  • Don't apply deodorant after shaving. Shaving can create miniature cuts in the skin, making it more easily irritated. To keep your pits happy, shave at night + apply deodorant in the morning.
  • Only apply 1-2 swipes of your natural deodorant. For lasting odor protection, less is more. 
  • Warm your deodorant against your skin for a few seconds before you apply. This helps it apply smoothly + reduce friction that could irritate your pits. You can also try dabbing instead of swiping.

Switching to a natural deodorant can feel overwhelming if you struggle with skin-related issues. But with these guidelines + tips to minimize the chances of irritation, no need to have your guard up with our natural deodorant. We’ve got you – and your pits – covered. ;)

Switching to Natural Deodorant, Mastered

There’s a lot of misinformation and scare tactics around natural deodorants. But at the end of the day, we’re confident that it’s 100% possible to prevent odor and keep bacteria at bay. 

And sure, there might be a few things that require some patience + small tweaks along the way. But you’ll be glad you made the switch when you can confidently apply deodorant, knowing it will cover you – and your sweat. ;) Thankfully, the natural deodorant journey doesn’t have to be one full of stress and irritation. Now that you’ve got all the resources at your fingertips for switching to natural deodorant, it’s up to you to make the swap. 

Move over toxic deodorants, non-toxic, natural deodorant is here to stay. 

Ready to jump? Take our deodorant quiz to see which version fits you best!

P.S. Want even more tips + solutions for transitioning to natural deodorant? Check out our post Natural Deodorant 101.



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