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Primally Pure Founder's Fall Favs | Primally Pure Skincare

Fall is my favorite season of the year and I can't wait to share a few of my favorite things to spark joy and boost health this time of year. From cozy throws and clean products for the home to holistic supplements and beauty tools, find out my complete list of fall favs below!

*Several of the brands listed below have provided discount codes for the PP community as specified below. These aren't affiliate links or codes - we simply wanted to provide our community with these offers as a fun perk!

Arya 100% Linen Throw from The Citizenry | This is the best blanket for Autumn in Southern California - cozy and comfortable, but still lightweight. Perfect for cozying up with a good book, journaling, or morning devotions. I love the Olive color for Autumn!
Yellow Nephrite Ridged Roller | As the seasons transition, so are my skin tools. Not only is the color reminiscent of autumn hues, but it’s the best way to finish my skincare routine to optimize the benefits of my facial serum/cream and to wake up my skin first thing in the morning - especially since I usually wake up before the sun this time of year.
Organifi Gold Powder | This powder contains so many amazing nutrients (turmeric, ginger, reishi and magnesium to name a few!) and tastes amazing. I love mixing it into a cup of warm bone broth from Primal Pastures at night or a cup of organic, mold-free Kion Coffee in the morning. Get 10% off with this link.
Autumn Room Spray | My favorite way to add an element of calm and groundedness to my work day. I keep this mist on my desk and spritz to transition from one task to the next with intention and infuse my office with all the cozy, fall feels.
Gathered Wrap Dress from Hackwith Design | I love this dress in Moss Linen for Autumn. The color is so versatile and the fabric feels lightweight enough to wear during warm Autumns in Southern California. It's easy to style with sandals and a hat! I adore Hackwith Design for their ethical manufacturing practices (everything is made by their own team in Minnesota!) and also for their commitment to being a low waste company. Use code PrimallyHackwith for 15% off.
Dry Brush Duo | As my family reestablishes routines and schedules fill up fast, this 2-minute wellness tool is my go-to. Dry brushing is a part of my daily routine to prep skin for the changing seasons by sloughing off dry/dull summer skin while keeping its healthy glow by activating lymphatic flow.
Vitamin D + K2 | Vitamin D is such an important nutrient for skin health and overall health. In the summer, I rely on the sun to get adequate amounts. During the cooler months, I supplement with this liposomal form of D3K2 to make sure I’m getting enough and to boost immunity! First-time customers can receive 15% off D3K2 only through the end of the year with the code PPD3K2.

Autumn Hand Soap | Who knew hand soap could actually help create a much-needed pause. I spend a little extra time and intention at the sink these days as the rich, aromatic lather turns a mundane task into a moment of gratitude - even if the kitchen is slightly chaotic!
Organic Thermal Wide Leg Pant + Organic Thermal Boxy Crop from MATE |  The comfiest matching set for Autumn! I live in this set for coffee runs, morning walks and casual Fridays at the PP HQ. :)
Almond + Vanilla Body Butter | I wrap up in this body butter like I would my favorite linen throw. A butter-like consistency sinks in deeply to moisturize and a cozy aroma offers mini aromatherapy moments - what more could you ask for this fall? I love applying to damp skin after showering (and after dry brushing) to combat dry, dehydrated skin as temps drop.
Eat Gangster Cinnawin Spice Mix | Once Autumn hits, my little girls and I are in the kitchen baking something yummy pretty much every weekend. This mix is one of our favorites! It’s easy, the ingredients are legit, and it tastes delicious! (We go heavy on the coconut oil for added gooiness.) Use the code PRIMALLYPURE on their website for 10% off until October 31st.
Autumn Oil Blend | I look forward to unwinding in the evening with my family and a few drops of this warming blend of sweet cinnamon and citrus. It immediately makes me feel like all is well with the world (even if the day didn’t go as planned) and encourages a sense of comfort, closeness and ease.

What are some of your must-haves for fall? I can't wait to hear in the comments below! XO 

Our Founder's Fall Favorites | Primally Pure Skincare

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