I'm A Clean Skincare Convert: Here's How I Did It.

Thinking back to about this time last year, I was using SO many different chemicals in my skincare routine. It’s crazy (and scary!) to think I used them for so many years.

I remember looking at my bottle of acne face wash and for the first time questioning what the ingredients were and where they actually came from. I started to wonder if these ingredients actually come from the ground and if not, how scientists make these chemicals in the first place. Once I became aware of how I didn’t actually know what I was putting on my skin, my first step was to finally start looking into natural skincare products.

I had heard of Primally Pure but I wasn’t completely convinced 100% natural + non-toxic deodorant would keep the stink away or that the Everything Spray would really fight my acne. Boy, was I wrong.

After I had read a post on Primally Pure’s blog about what chemicals to avoid in your skin care routine, I realized everything in my bathroom went against these guidelines. Not one of my products was free from fragrance – and I decided that would be the first chemical I would cut out.

So I put everything in a box, set it in the garage and ordered Primally Pure’s Deodorant, Everything Spray, Baby Bar, and Lip Balm. I was so scared to throw away my chemical-laden acne wash and face lotion for fear that my skin would freak out and break out even more.

I went about 4 days without using chemical products before my PP package arrived. And surprisingly, my skin didn’t freak out – it actually looked the same as if I was still using them! Little did I know, those harsh ingredients were the reason why my face always looked so red and felt so dry.

The day I got my PP products, I took a shower and my acne looked red and irritated from the hot water. So I sprayed Everything Spray on my face and I was amazed – my acne immediately looked way less red and inflamed. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked! After my shower, I put on the Charcoal Deodorant and figured since I was staying home that day, if I stunk it didn’t matter. 😉 I went outside to garden in the sun and thought I was going to seriously stink. But to my surprise (again!), I smelled my pits and I didn’t smell a thing, I actually smelled good!

I was SO ecstatic to know there was skincare out there that was good for me and that actually worked. I felt like I was saved – as if my conventional products were poison and Primally Pure products were my cure.

After about a week of only using PP Skincare, I had also incorporated the Geranium Complexion Mist into my routine and noticed the redness in my complexion completely went away. I thought I had rosacea and that my red, sensitive skin was normal and a skin condition I just needed to accept. But after I stopped using my benzoyl peroxide face wash and started using only natural products, my skin tone was so even and my acne even started to clear up.

After experiencing that natural products could actually be effective, I wanted to cut out another harmful ingredient, talc. I purged all of my eyeshadows, blushes, and face powders and swapped them for more natural makeup that was talc-free. You really feel so much better when you know what you are putting on your face and body – at least I did.

Once I got hired at Primally Pure as a Skincare Chef, I started using so many more of our products. I couldn’t wait to start using the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream and Cleansing Oil. The Blue Tansy Beauty Cream took my skin a few days to get used to – I think my skin didn’t know what to do with these pure essential oils since I had never used them before! But after three days, I had immediate results when I would apply it. My skin tone looked so much brighter and if I had a breakout it would calm down so quickly after using the Beauty Cream. It’s now a product I can’t live without.

When I started using the Cleansing Oil I knew my skin was going to start purging and detoxing – especially from all of the chemicals I used to use. It took my skin about six weeks to finally become balanced. For most of my coworkers, it only took about two weeks but every skin type is different and I just happen to be that unlucky girl with skin that took a little longer to adjust.

Even though I was experiencing a few breakouts, I could tell the Cleansing Oil was doing its job – my pores looked significantly smaller, my skin looked so hydrated and smooth, and my skin tone and oily patches looked so much more even and balanced. After six weeks of not skipping a day of using the Cleansing Oil, all of my acne started to go away. I am SO glad I stuck it out because it left my skin feeling and looking amazing – it was truly for the better.

Now when I oil cleanse, the next day is always a great skin day! I get so many compliments on my complexion and I always end up geeking out about the Cleansing Oil and Beauty Cream.

While I started my natural skincare journey before joining the team at Primally Pure, working with the PP team has made me so much more conscious about what I put on my body and also in my body. All of my coworkers are so amazing at educating and supporting each other with what we eat to help our skin health in even more ways. I also cut down dairy, sugar, and gluten and have seen another big difference in the way my skin looks and the way I feel.

Our Holistic Esthetician also incorporated the facial technique Gua Sha when she gave me a Holistic Skin Treatment. The smooth stone and simple step-by-step routine completely minimized my puffy, inflamed skin and also helped even my complexion. She eventually showed our team how to use this holistic technique on ourselves at home and it’s crazy how much it’s improved the appearance of my skin!

Swapping to natural skincare products and adopting a more natural lifestyle has been quite the process since I first realized I didn’t recognize any of the ingredients on my product labels. But it’s been a process that’s proved to have such a positive difference not only in the health and appearance of my skin, but in my overall health and well-being.

I’m a clean skincare convert, and I’m never going back.

If you’re nervous or hesitant about making the switch to non-toxic skincare, I hope my story inspires you and gives you hope that it’s possible – and they actually work!


I finally purged my toxic beauty products, fully made the switch to non-toxic skincare + have never looked back. Here's how to clean up your skincare! | Primally Pure Skincare

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Ashley Cornell

Ashley Cornell works as a Primally Pure Skincare Chef and handcrafts 100% natural + non-toxic products with care and intention. She is obsessed with clean skincare and is passionate about being a part of the PP Manufacturing Team. Ashley has so much fun making skincare products and in her free time, she even makes her own rose water from her organic rose garden. She also enjoys painting, sipping herbal tea and laughing.