How To Get Rid Of Acne Part 2 (Lifestyle Solutions)

This post is Part 2 of a three-part series focused on how to get rid of acne. Click here to read Part 1 (all about nutritional factors) and Part 3 which covers topical solutions for acne.

Because every part of our being is connected, it's important to take a holistic approach for a full skin healing protocol. Whether that means taking a couple moments in the car before walking in to work to calm your nervous system with deep breathing techniques or setting your alarm thirty minutes earlier to move your body and break a sweat, setting aside intentional time in your day-to-day will help to support a beautiful shift in how your skin looks and feels.




Sleep is essential to skin health. When our bodies are given the time they need to truly rest and slow down, they're able to focus healing energy and restorative function on repairing and rebuilding the body. Some of sleep’s beauty benefits include:

  • Increased circulation: blood flow is boosted providing much needed nourishment to skin cells, reestablishing a radiant complexion and minimizing the appearance of inflammation and redness.
  • Restored moisture balance: the skin's hydration is balanced out and excess water retention is removed, reducing the effects of inflammation and balancing sebum production.
  • Collagen stimulation: skin integrity is strengthened and elasticity is restored.

And, to top it all off, minimal sleep makes cortisol rise - causing inflammation to increase and acne to flare up. Beauty sleep is not a myth! It’s a must when it comes to a balanced self and beautiful skin.

[Practical Tip: take a few moments before bed to quiet your mind + body and boost restorative sleep with an aromatic candle or cup of herbal tea.]




Our bodies were designed to move. Our blood is intended to flow and our skin is meant to glow with health! Exercise is key in achieving clear skin.

With one of the skin’s main functions being excretion (releasing waste products through the skin’s surface a.k.a. sweat), exercise helps to facilitate the healthy and natural removal of toxins in the body - expelling trapped dirt and oil while minimizing inflammation and irritation in the skin caused by bacteria buildup.

Getting active regularly has even been proven to improve sleep, alleviate stress levels and anxiety, strengthen the immune system and most importantly, increase self confidence.

[Practical Tip: continue the cleansing process after a workout with our Cleansing Oil to keep skin detoxified and radiant]




The age-old saying that "too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing" still holds true as we incorporate this sometimes controversial aspect of health into our daily routine. While overexposure can certainly be detrimental to our health and wellness, the sun is also a natural element that can improve our mood, immune system and skin.

Being intentional about getting short bursts of sunshine to receive it’s benefits (which include the suppression of acne-causing bacteria), rather than abusing time in the sun (causing free radical damage), can create glowing + healthy skin without compromising skin integrity or incurring long term damage.

[Practical tip: while enjoying the sun's benefits and soaking in Vitamin D, be sure to protect your skin from overexposure with a stylish hat and a safe sunscreen like Raw Elements]




We know this one all too well but still catch ourselves saying all too often, “I need to drink more water.”

This is one of the most powerful - and yet so simple - lifestyle shifts that you can make to improve the appearance of your skin. Similar to sleep, some of water's benefits include improved digestion, blood circulation, hydration, nutrient absorption and elimination of toxins.

Water intake helps to keep the natural detoxification process on track, maintaining a healthy flow of the excretory system and lymphatic system to move out toxins and cleanse cells of built-up waste.

But rather than focusing on its multiple positive effects on the skin - because we’ve heard them 100 times - let’s talk about simple + practical ways to sip more water, asap.

  • Keep it cute: Your water bottle, of course! Because let’s be real - if it’s not cute, you’re not going to carry it around in public. And always opt for a glass water bottle to avoid chemicals found in plastic that can leak into your pure water, especially if left in the sunlight.
  • Keep it pure: As you’re being intentional about removing toxins and clearing up your skin, why would you drink water filled with chemicals, chlorine, contaminants and pollutants? It’s as simple as getting a purifier for your home faucet or getting a reusable 3 gallon jug to refill with reverse osmosis water when you pick up groceries.
  • Keep it interesting: Plain old water can be boring at times. Make it fun and fresh by mixing fruit, veggies or herbs into your water bottle and enjoy the added benefits of: frozen berries, cucumbers, fresh basil, mint leaves, pomegranate seeds, lemon slices...still bored?

[Already you can start to see how simple it will be to begin to make these subtle, yet beautiful changes to your lifestyle - cheers to clear skin!]




We've all been given a truly priceless gift (for free!) that can deeply transform our skin, stress levels and our overall sense of well-being. Ready for it? Take a deep breath...that’s it. Right there. Our breath! Take a deep, slow breath again. Feel your shoulders drop, your heartbeat slow down, your furrowed brow relaxed. The benefits are immense and immediate.

Deep breathing calms inflammation in the skin and body, boosts immunity, provides much needed oxygen to nourish and replenish vital nutrients to our blood and brain. It’s a sweet and simple reminder to remain present, and in the process, keeps the skin clear and your whole self radiant.

[Practical tip: rather than your chest rising and falling with shallow, sharp breaths, be intentional about keeping your chest still and pulling your breath from your abdomen (a.k.a. diaphragmatic breathing). Inhale for 4 counts, watch your belly rise. Hold for four counts. Exhale for 8 counts, see your stomach sink and feel your whole self start to truly relax.]




Just seeing that word makes me stressed out! Constant pressures and rapid heart rates plague our culture relentlessly. Chronic stress is serious stuff - overexposure to stress severely attacks the health of our skin + self. It’s a massive issue and a way of life that, sadly, we've become accustomed to.

When our bodies undergo prolonged stress, the hormone cortisol is increased which can contribute to inflammation and make our skin more susceptible to breakouts. The effects of stress on the skin can appear differently depending on the individual (rashes, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis can all be stress-induced skin conditions).

Setting aside time for self-care and creating habits that help minimize stress levels is one of the most powerful healing approaches to skincare.

[May we suggest some proven stress relieving practices? A restful night’s sleep, getting active, deep diaphragmatic breathing, being surrounded by nature and soaking in sunshine...just to name a few!]

Have you had success with implementing any of these habits? Let us know in a comment!


How to Get Rid of Acne - Lifestyle Solutions

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