The Best Natural Deodorant Is Now Even Better

We know making the switch to natural deodorant can be scary. You’ve heard horror stories of excessive sweating, smelling even worse and painful rashes. But the risks of disease and dangerous side effects linked to chemicals in conventional antiperspirants sound even scarier.

So, what to do? We feel you. We’ve been there too.

That’s why we’ve spent years researching and formulating with safe, effective ingredients to create a gentle + non-toxic natural deodorant that actually works.

Positive reviews from happy customers consistently flood our inbox and Instagram feed. Their stories are all so similar. After trying countless natural deodorants and still smelling like fake flowers mixed with foul B.O., they were tempted to turn back to their drugstore brand.

Until they discovered ours.

Our two natural deodorant formulas – regular and sensitive (made with smaller amounts of baking soda for skin types that are sensitive to this odor-fighting ingredient) – have received hundreds of reviews sharing relief, gratitude and sheer joy.


These stories are sweet reminders of why we do what we do – and that switching to natural deodorant isn’t actually scary at all. It’s a simple, powerful way to take control of your health (and unwanted odor!).

In the last several months, another type of response from our customers has caught our attention. We’ve been noticing a trend that our sensitive formula has become more popular than our regular, but we still occasionally receive feedback from customers who want the sensitive formula to be even more effective. We truly value customer input and take reviews to heart as we continually look for ways to improve our products + packaging and better serve our community.

So we listened.

We kept the components of our sensitive deodorant that everyone loves but gave it a bit of a boost – plus an updated look! We’re beyond excited about our brand new natural deodorant in its new, sleek packaging and powerful formula you won’t find with any other deodorant.

We’ve blended the effectiveness of our regular formula with the gentleness of our sensitive version to create one natural deodorant that does it all; powerfully protecting against odor while nourishing even the most sensitive skin.

Our new + improved natural deodorant contains a small amount of baking soda (less than the regular formula and a tad bit more than the sensitive) and is fortified with kaolin clay (powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation + combats odor). Plus our traditional organic ingredients including tallow from grass-fed cows, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, beeswax and essential oils.

THE SCOOP ON BAKING SODA: Baking soda is an incredibly effective odor-fighting ingredient, but can cause irritation for some skin types. Through years of trial + error, we’ve formulated our new deodorant with the perfect amount of baking soda – enough to combat odor but not enough to cause irritation for the vast majority of people.

We’ve simplified two natural deodorants to offer just one formula for even better odor protection and to prevent irritation, and we’ve expanded our line with 2 new exciting scents – one fresh and the other floral.

  • EUCALYPTUS + MINT CHARCOAL Activated coconut charcoal adds powerful detoxifying properties while deodorizing and disinfecting.

  • GERANIUM A gentle, floral aroma aids in eliminating odor, reduces inflammation and rejuvenates skin.

Who knew a deodorant could do all that?!

With our updated packaging, we’re also introducing 2 brand new sizes! Our natural deodorant now comes in sleek compact tubes to last you twice as long and look better on your bathroom counter and in your carry-on bag.

  • Full size (1.7 oz.) Although it may appear smaller than our original packaging (2 oz.), it’s more compact to save space + materials. It’s just 0.3 oz. smaller than our former full-sized deodorant, yet convenient enough for travel.

  • Extra Large size (2.5 oz.) Several of our customers have been asking for an extra large size – so if you know you’re already in love, opt for the larger size to go longer in-between orders and get more life out of one tube!

You may notice we’re not making minis anymore, but our full size is the perfect introduction to natural deodorant – plus it makes the best travel buddy!

Since day one, we’ve wanted to offer a clean alternative to the harmful chemicals in conventional deodorant and we couldn’t be more excited to offer a natural deodorant formula that’s even more effective + enjoyable to use than ever before.

We always have and always will believe that fewer is better when it comes to ingredients. And our new natural deodorant is no exception.

Be sure to share our new natural deodorant with your best friends, family members (especially teens!) and even the lady standing beside you at the drugstore. Help us spread the word about safe, effective deodorant as we strive to transform the skincare industry – one deodorant tube at a time.

Check out this post for tips + solutions when switching to our deodorant!



We’ve spent years researching + formulating with safe, effective ingredients to create the best natural deodorant that actually works. Click here for details! | Primally Pure

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