4 Swaps For A Healthy Holiday Season

In the midst of endless holiday parties, dessert platters and gift exchanges, these are our top swaps for a healthier, happier holiday season. We hope they help to not only nourish and balance your skin and body during the holidays, but your whole self.


 ‘Tis the season to make your list and check it twice. But with confusing marketing claims and product labels that are impossible to decipher (but are packed with dangerous, hormone-disrupting ingredients), we want to help you to clean up your gift-giving so you can get loved ones hooked on products that actually support a healthy lifestyle - long after the holidays have ended. We’ve made our “Naughty List” (and checked it twice) to help you know what to avoid on product labels so you can wrap gifts with clean ingredient lists for the ones you care for most:

  • Fragrance (or parfum): Known as the new second-hand smoke, this is one of the most toxic ingredients you’ll find on any label - even on many “natural” products. Look for products made with only pure essential oils so you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite scents!
  • Propylene glycol: This chemical acts as a fragrance and absorption enhancer but is closely linked to organ toxicity and skin irritations. Because it boosts product penetration, it can also carry other harmful ingredients found in the product through the skin. Oh, it’s also found in anti-freeze - which you definitely don’t want to put under the tree.
  • Natural: There is literally no regulation on what “natural” really means, so please don’t fall for this marketing ploy on the front of a package. With greenwashing on the rise, the best way to know if a product is truly natural is by reading every ingredient. Unsure of what one is? Plug it in here for any associated health risks or hazards.
  • Unscented: This phrase can be one of the most misleading. While it may sound like no artificial fragrances were added to the formula, an unidentified fragrance can still be included to actually cover up the product’s natural smell. Check out the label to find out if any fragrance is lurking in the product and stick with natural herbs/oils if you’re sensitive to strong scents.
To sum it all up, simply look for products with shorter ingredient lists, fewer chemicals and names you can actually pronounce. This season, don’t underestimate the positive impact one simple gift-giving swap can make for those you love this holiday season - from natural deodorant to non-toxic candles, intentionally gift products that promote well-being from head to toe, heart and home.


This time of year is all about hibernating at home and surrounding ourselves with all things cozy - cue scented candles after the sun sets (at 4pm), air fresheners before the guests arrive and festive-smelling hand soaps (even those cinnamon scented pinecones). But these common (and seemingly harmless) seasonally-scented home products are actually full of harmful/hazardous chemicals.

Especially since we’re spending so much more time at home and hosting those we love within these walls, one of the most important swaps you can make this holiday season are the products in your home. Swap toxic, artificially-scented home products for organic and wildcrafted essential oils that deliver an immediate dose of powerful plant medicine to purify your home and provide seasonal wellness support as you diffuse, mist and cleanse.

  • Winter Room Spray: The perfect replacement for traditional toxic air fresheners that will not only improve the health of your home but also balances the nervous system and brings a deep sense of groundedness to your mind and mood.
  • Winter Oil Blend: Toss artificially-scented (and hormone-disrupting) candles and fill your home with this crisp, cleansing oil blend that actually helps to clear congestion, strengthen the lungs and support respiratory health.
  • Winter Hand Soap: Keep your home (and hands) free of chemicals with this highly antiviral botanical blend that helps to preserve immunity and protect against viruses and sickness, naturally.

These simple home swaps will help to reduce toxic exposure for yourself, your family and your guests and allow your body to actually rejuvenate, heal and rest while you’re home for the holidays.


There's this this quote that says: “aging is simply drying out." This season especially, there can be lots of culprits that lead to dehydration - and dehydration leads to more visible signs of aging in the skin and more sluggish overall health within. If you want to feel vibrant and present during the most wonderful time of the year, we suggest making a couple swaps to rebuild hydration, maintain your skin’s glow and give your mind/body a much-needed energy boost:

  • Seasonal skincare: As temperatures drop this time of year, so do our moisture levels – leading to a complexion that’s dull, dehydrated and more susceptible to sensitivities. Swap conventional cleansers and creams that are filled with chemicals that appear to be hydrating but actually strip the moisture barrier or simply sit on the surface (i.e. suffocate skin) instead. Commit to these 3 daily skincare tips for a healthy, hydrated holiday glow:
    • Cleanse nightly with nourishing oils to wash away the day (even holiday makeup and buildup) without over-drying.
    • The secret to a successful winter skincare routine: layering natural serums and creams
    • Support skin health and moisture levels below the surface by adding in facial tools.
  • Festive bevs: Caffeine and alcohol can often be our beverage go-tos during this festive season, but they are also top contributors when it comes to dehydrating the body and depleting skin’s moisture. Swap out seasonal, sugary lattes for a boost of adaptogens in your morning brew (or a nourishing mug of bone broth!) to support hydration and a healthy immune system this season. And instead of reaching for round two of cocktails, grab a glass of organically grown wine to celebrate the season sans sugar, sulfites and harmful additives.
  • Get moving: This tip may seem like it doesn’t belong, but surprisingly, without movement, the tips above won’t have as much effect. Movement is a must to actually help deliver water and hydration into the tissue. Whether it’s stretching your body first thing in the morning, getting a massage (this makes a great gift idea too!), foam rolling or doing facial gua sha, mix it up and make movement a part of your daily hydration routine.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And yet for many, this time of year comes with added stress and pressure that can easily steal the joy and meaning of the holiday season - leaving you tired, overwhelmed and over-exerted.

So last but certainly not least… Swap the holiday hustle that can easily creep into our calendars and spirits with a healthier rhythm of intention, stillness and rest. Say “yes” to the activities or opportunities that light you up and fill your cup and say “no” for the sake of creating moments of margin so you can show up from a place of rest for things you do commit to and for those you care about.

Amidst the bustle this season can easily bring, may we eliminate the hurry and the hustle that can so easily distract from the abundance and beauty this season holds. May we bring mindfulness back into our shopping, in our showing up and in our slowing down for the sake of what matters most. Let’s prioritize moments spent with loved ones more than a completed to-do list, a perfected recipe or the trendiest presents - and may we all remember that this holiday season, our presence is truly the greatest gift of all.

What swaps are you making this holiday season? Tell us in the comments! XO

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