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Our Packaging

Our partnership with Pact means you can mail-back your hard-to-recycle tubes and glass bottles to be given new life – and even become new beauty packaging! Now that’s full circle.

Here's more about our current product packaging:

Plastic Tubes | Durable materials protect the tube from disintegrating from the nourishing oils found in the formula versus more porous packaging such as paper/cardboard (which can also still contain a plastic coating). Even the ever-popular, highly-requested refillable option typically requires a plastic liner and harder plastic materials (aka harder to recycle) in the main tube to ensure a longer lifespan.

Amber Glass | Amber bottles prevent the oxidation of precious oils to protect the longevity, integrity and efficacy of the product.

Clear Glass | An endlessly recyclable product that's a top choice for green packaging

Paper Boxes | Putting our products in paper boxes provides an added element of protection during shipping - plus they’re ready to gift (or recycle)!