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Product Information

Why do some of your products contain tallow from grass-fed cows?

We love tallow for its nourishing properties and it's long-standing history of use in skincare. To find out more, please read our blog article on Tallow (What It Is and Why Your Skin Needs It).

Where do you source your essential oils and other ingredients?

We source our essential oils and other raw materials from many different vendors throughout the world. If you have questions about any specific products or ingredients, please let us know and we’d be happy to give you more information.

Are your products safe for kids?

While we formulate our products using only natural ingredients, we recommend consulting with your child’s healthcare provider if you have any concerns. For infants, we recommend sticking to our line of super gentle baby products formulated without essential oils.

Do you offer samples?

We have a small range of select product samples, including our Masks and Serums, and they may vary in their availability. If you’d like to see a specific product in a sample size, please send us a note!

What's the difference between Gua Sha and Jade Rolling and which one is right for me?

Both practices will give you similar beauty benefits, however Gua Sha is more targeted and takes a bit more time and intention, which makes the results even more transformative. To find out more, please read our blog article Jade Rollers vs Gua Sha: What’s the Difference?

What is double cleansing and is it right for me?

This 2-step cleansing technique (1st step: oil-based cleanser, 2nd step: a water or glycerin-based cleanser) helps to balance the skin, leaving it purified and properly hydrated. Our Holistic Esthetician breaks down the benefits of this technique in our blog article Double Cleansing: Do or Don’t?.

Do you make a baking soda free deodorant formula?

Not at this time, however we would recommend giving our Unscented Deodorant a try as it contains a very minimal amount of baking soda and works well for sensitive skin types!

How do I recycle my deodorant tube?

Our deodorant tubes are considered a Level 5 plastic due to the high temperature threshold they carry and they are recyclable through most curbside programs.

What's the difference between your regular and charcoal deodorants?

Our Charcoal Deodorant includes activated coconut charcoal, which uses a process called adsorption to bind harmful chemicals – attracting and attaching toxins to its pores.

I'm experiencing underarm irritation.

Irritation can occur when you’re switching to a natural deodorant or if you’re extra sensitive to baking soda. Please read our blog article Irritation From Natural Deodorant and What to Do About It, as it’s filled with the best tips and tricks to help you transition from conventional deodorant to our safe, non-toxic alternative.

I am breaking out since beginning the Oil Cleansing Method.

You may be experiencing a very normal adjustment period, which should go away on its own. To ensure you’re not making some common mistakes, please take a peek at our blog article on Oil Cleansing Mistakes You Might Be Making.

Do you have any tips for reusing my glass containers?

We have some fun ideas on how to reuse your empties, including planting succulents, using for breakfast bowls (like our Holistic Esthetician does), making a homemade beach wave hair spray and more. For even more ideas, check out our blog article on 5 Ways to Reuse Your Empties.

Are you in any retail locations?

We are not currently in any retail locations, but we’re always evaluating opportunities that will allow us to offer fair prices with the freshest and highest quality products available.

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