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The best facial tool for you: Facial Dry Brush

Facial Dry Brush

This simple tool makes the biggest difference for skin health whether you’re a beauty tool beginner, skinimalist or seeking less-aggressive ways to exfoliate. Even if you only have one minute to spare, facial dry brushing is a quick + effective tool to visibly reduce puffiness, decrease blackheads, brighten skin tone and refine texture. Plus the super soft bristles gently buff away congestion, dryness and dullness for softer, smoother skin in seconds.


This holistic beauty and well-being tool works with the skin to:

Gently exfoliate
Stimulate lymphatic drainage
Minimize puffiness
Increase circulation
Brighten + tighten skin
Boost efficacy of topical products
Refine skin texture

From pigmentation and premature aging to breakouts and blackheads, even TMJ, sensitivities and mental stress, no matter your skin state or the condition you’re trying to treat, these facial tools deserve a spot in your daily beauty routine and will leave you feeling lighter and lifted.


Tool + Technique Tips

Super soft bristles gently buff away buildup to lightly exfoliate and refine skin texture while stimulating lymphatic drainage to create brighter skin from below the surface.

2 minutes to softer, brighter and more vibrant skin? Done.

Simply put, facial dry brushing offers double the benefits for detoxifying + brightening the skin. This ancient beauty ritual sloughs off dead skin cell buildup on the surface and detoxifies skin tissues below the surface to reveal more radiant skin –in minutes. Click here to learn more.

Facial Dry Brushing: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Follow along as our Holistic Esthetician, Courtney shows the different facial dry brushing techniques to help you get started

Dry Brushing Guide

We’re giving you information on everything this magical, portable little tool is capable of. Learn more

Why Facial Dry Brushing?

Light strokes with super soft bristles gently, yet effectively, slough off dead skin cells on the surface while still supporting your skin’s microbiome, moisture barrier and natural functions.

Not only are you refining skin texture and revealing a brighter, clearer complexion, but you’re simultaneously detoxifying the skin tissue below the surface, too.

To Pair with Your Facial Dry Brush

Enhance your results by pairing these products with your new facial tool routine.

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