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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October has become Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Primally Pure (and it’s just around the corner). Every year we are committed to creating resources to enhance breast health and help prevent disease while donating to nonprofits who are doing the same.


This year, we also want to create space to prioritize stories from our customers who have courageously fought breast cancer. Stories are deeply personal, incredibly inspiring and can encourage others on a similar journey – and it would be a privilege to be given a little glimpse into yours.

Whether it was a diagnosis, a dead-end search or discovering that ingredients really do matter, stories from our PP fam inspire us daily, and we can’t wait to hear yours as well. As a thank you, we’ll email you a code for 15% off your next PP purchase so you can restock your fav non-toxic products!

Share Your Story

If you have a story of battling breast cancer or overcoming this disease and would be willing to share the steps you’ve taken towards healing and how our natural deodorant or non-toxic products have played a part in your breast care and overall well-being, please click the button below.

Share Your Story

*By submitting your story you allow Primally Pure to share it marketing efforts.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your breast cancer story, and thank you for becoming a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

“Having just found out I have breast cancer, I know I can help my healing from the inside by reducing as many toxins from my body. This is an easy and smart step. Primally Pure has a lot of good information as well. I’m grateful for this company!” -Ann
“After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012, I’ve been on a journey for a natural deodorant. Many have failed. Then, I tried Primally Pure. This deodorant not only has good-for-you ingredients, it actually works! It’s the ONLY natural deodorant I’ve found, that lasts through the hardest CrossFit workout. Game. Changer.” -Jennifer
“I’m a breast cancer patient and I’m all for natural deodorants, but hadn’t found one I liked until now. Love the smell and it lasts throughout the day.” -Sarah

Our Partnership with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

This October we will be partnering with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners in supporting our common mission of eliminating exposure to chemicals by: policy + advocacy work, education + engagement, and movement of industries. This year our goal is to donate $15,000 to BCPP.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healing story, and thank you for becoming a part of ours for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

xo, The Pure Team