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A note to our community

To our community,

Our relationship with Comedian JP Sears has generated a great deal of conversation and criticism, specifically in regards to a recent video of his that Primally Pure was directly tied to. 

I am deeply sorry to anyone who was hurt by this video - our intention was not to harm or divide.

We originally partnered with JP to support comedy during a heavy season as well as to expand our male audience, and the creator shared wellness-focused content that aligned. Since the partnership began, the content shifted in a different direction that no longer aligns with the brand’s mission as a natural skincare company. 

I take full responsibility, and will do a better job of managing the content that’s associated with Primally Pure going forward.

We love and welcome people of every race, gender, sexual orientation and religion into our community. In an effort to ensure that no one feels marginalized or unwelcomed in the future, we are working on creating a set of standards to better communicate where we draw certain lines in regards to the content that’s connected with Primally Pure. 

Here are a few of the things that are not in alignment with our mission and values:

  • Divisive speech or action
  • Violence or the incitement of violence
  • Prejudice towards any marginalized group

I truly appreciate the grace and kindness that many of you have shown. I also understand and respect that some of you may choose to leave our community. 

As an imperfect human doing my best to create positive change in the world of wellness, I will continue to focus on our mission of bringing clean skincare products and clean living education to all people, as we believe that common interests hold the power to bring people together in a world that desperately wants us to be divided. 

With love,