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Crisp Smoky Woods Room Spray

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Crisp Smoky Woods Home Collection

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Previously loved as the Winter Room Spray

We’d like to reintroduce you to the seasonal aromas you’ve come to love now with brand new names and extended availability so you can savor sooner and linger longer.

Breathe in this woodsy, warming blend to support respiratory health and settle the nervous system as you embrace the stillness of the season.

This highly antiviral blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils is the perfect replacement for traditional toxic air fresheners as it delivers an immediate dose of powerful plant medicine to improve the health of your home while encouraging deep relaxation, easing stress and supporting immunity, naturally.

The Crisp Smoky Woods Room Spray is packaged in a recyclable 2 oz. glass spray bottle.


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  • Black Spruce: This crisp, cleansing oil helps to clear congestion and strengthen lungs while calming the mind and encouraging deep relaxation.
  • Silver Fir: A fresh, pine aroma warms the body, softens tension and powerfully supports respiratory health for overall wellness.
  • Cedarwood: This rich, woodsy oil balances the nervous system and brings a deep sense of groundedness to enhance emotional well-being.
  • Bay laurel: Highly antiviral, this sweet + soothing botanical powerfully preserves immunity and protects against viruses and sickness, naturally.
  • Tobacco: A warming, smoky aroma alleviates stress and supports a deep sense of calm within.

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