Spring Home Collection – Primally Pure

Spring offers a renewed start.

Breathe in spring with our Spring Home Collection.

Reawaken after a long hibernation. Emerge from the cozy cocoon we’ve created. Bloom after being planted.

Shed the layers and welcome a lighter way of living. Let go of what no longer serves us and begin again. Cleanse and create space for the inevitable beauty to come.

Organic, wild-harvested and sustainably sourced essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Wild Lavender, White Sage and Palo Santo offer powerful plant medicine and metaphysical benefits along with antibacterial + antimicrobial properties to detoxify, refresh and promote a sense of lightness in your space and your spirit.

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Refresh Your Space + Spirit

Energetically clear your space, purify the air and start each Spring day with a renewed perspective.

Refresh your home, cleanse stagnant energy and uplift your mindset with the sweet smell of the season.

Nourish your skin, invigorate your senses and cultivate a healthier home every time you wash your hands.

Why Wild-Harvested

We intentionally source wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible for their heightened purity, potent aroma and powerful benefits. These botanicals are foraged from their natural habitat and have adapted to their own wild climates + difficult conditions. Due to their exposure to the elements, they grow stronger and heartier (without any help from humans) and develop more rare, rich + complex properties than even plants that are organically grown.

Wildcrafted oils not only create a more therapeutic and nutrient-dense product, but sustainably harvesting these plants protects our home (planet earth) and its precious resources.

Enhance Wellness this Season

Pink Grapefruit

Refreshing and uplifting to cultivate a positive atmosphere and mindset

Wild Lavender

Calming and cleansing to balance the emotional body and soothe stress.

Detox + Refresh This Spring

Our limited-edition home collections are inspired by the seasons and rhythms of nature. After a time of intentionally turning inwards, Spring beckons us to look outward and bloom like the world awakening around us.

This Spring, let's take notice of the little things, of the new life awakening all around us. We hope our Spring Home Collection helps you do exactly that. xo,