Spring Home Collection – Primally Pure

Spring Home Line

A wildcrafted collection to help your well-being bloom to its fullest potential.

Welcome a lighter way of living

Tend to the soil of your surroundings and weed out products in your home that contribute to your toxic load over time.
When weeds invade a garden, plants starve and suffocate - ultimately being destroyed by disease. Chemical-based products you use every day can produce the same damaging effect on your health.

It’s time to uproot these harmful products from your home and replace them with ingredients that actually come alongside your family and cause your home and health to flourish.


Deceitful or dishonest marketing to make people believe a brand is doing more for people's health and the planet than it actually is.

Don't let greenwashing sabotage your spring cleaning with ingredients that can actually contribute to your toxic load (not exactly the detox effect we're going for this season).

Here's how to spot greenwashing and surround your home with signs of spring, naturally.

Don't fall for cute natural icons.

Dig a little deeper to find out what's actually inside - and what you're really breathing in.

Swap Febreze for the Spring Room Spray

Make this your new NO non-negotiable: fragrance.

The clean scent marketing claims may not be so clean after all.

Swap Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap for the Spring Hand Soap

Don't settle for the NO list.

Look at the label to find out what ingredients brands say YES to.

Swap Anthropologie candles (yup, we went there)
for the Spring Oil Blend

Enhance Wellness this Season

Pink Grapefruit

Refreshing and uplifting to cultivate a positive atmosphere and mindset

Wild Lavender

Calming and cleansing to balance the emotional body and soothe stress.

Palo Santo

A sweet, woodsy oil that offers potent aromatherapy and medicinal properties to relax the nervous system, relieve feelings of anxiety and support a more calm + connected state of being.

White Sage

This fresh, earthy oil stimulates and supports clarity in mind and spirit while calming the nervous system.

The health of our home directly impacts the health of our whole self, so this spring we hope you take full advantage of this fresh energy to incorporate these cleansing swaps (keep it simple, you don’t have to do an overhaul overnight!) and say goodbye to greenwashing for good.

XO, The Pure Team