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Serum Match: Plumping Serum

Plumping Serum is your pure-fect match. A few drops deliver firmer, more vibrant skin. Pomegranate seed oil and castor oil intensely hydrate and stimulate collagen synthesis while green coffee oil and astaxanthin create a dramatic difference in elasticity and skin tone, leaving skin with a dewy, youthful glow. 

Pair the Plumping Mist with your superpower serums + creams to optimize penetration, provide instant hydration and naturally plump skin. Aloe vera, glycerin and rose hydrosol support cell renewal and stimulate hyaluronic acid production in the skin for a vibrant, dewy complexion.

Want to try a different serum or add another to your regimen? The Soothing Serum + CBD has incredible healing benefits for all skin types. Click here to shop.


Plumping Serum

$ 52.00

Plumping Mist

$ 24.00

Plumping Collection

$ 124.00