Mother's Day Bundles
Mother's Day Bundles

Whether you’re new to motherhood, juggling homeschooling + a home office, missing your mother, wishing to become one, have a friend who’s expecting, or simply so grateful for the incredible women you’re surrounded by and the one who raised you into the woman you are today, we hope these curated bundles to help her soak in a moment of beauty and rest — and a longgg hot bath. ;)

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Mamas give so much - but most of it goes unnoticed. They spend their days organizing new ways of learning for little ones while navigating an unfamiliar workflow (and how to make a messy bun meeting appropriate) and juggling all of the regular responsibilities that come with caring for a home and a family and a business and a side hustle - and themselves. While somehow still managing to make it through each day with grace and beauty and, okay, maybe a long bath to unwind after it all. ;)

Here’s to you - the women, the mamas, the caretakers, the givers, the lovers, the get-sh*t-doners and the ones who pour out endlessly every single day for the sake of others.


Bethany + The Primally Pure Team

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