The Power Of Using Non-Toxic Products As A Mama (Plus 3 Practical Tips To Swap)

Making the switch to natural beauty products can be overwhelming at best. Most mamas don’t really know why natural products are so crucial, let alone where to start!

The word “natural” can mean something different to everyone. In my mind though, it means getting back to nature. It symbolizes ingredients I can pronounce or purchase. And it signifies a shorter list on the back of a bottle. Back when I started my natural journey those were the things I began to look for on the back of labels – and I didn’t have much luck.

Right before I got pregnant, I began looking more and more into my skincare routine and I didn’t like what I was seeing. The ingredient lists were long and overcomplicated. We were struggling to get pregnant and I was beyond frustrated.

I began to research more and more about what I was putting on my skin and how it could affect my hormones (and thus my fertility). I kept thinking of how long I’d been using traditional deodorants and lotions and I cringed at the buildup it could have caused. Rage and fear are the words that come to mind when I think of traditional products now.

At the very least, the products I was using could:

  • Dry out my skin
  • Cause mild skin irritations
  • Make me dependent on specific brands

And at the very worst, the same products could be altering my endocrine (hormonal) system and causing some issues within my body.

Since I couldn’t find products I trusted, I opted for the DIY route. I began making my own lotions and lip chaps initially and since then I think I’ve made almost everything!

But of course, when I had my first daughter, everything changed. Life became more hectic and even more chaotic when we had our second. Making your own products is amazing and continuing to use natural ingredients is priority for me. But it’s not always practical to DIY as a super busy working mom.

However, like most mamas, I want only the best for my daughters. I strive to keep them as healthy as possible with food. We hit the gym most days and my biggest goal is to show them that fitness is FUN and not a punishment. My daughters will never hear me talk negatively about my body. My body kicks butt – literally.

But rarely do we talk about our routines or our beauty care system with them. Instead, we just do. We don’t really address all of the other aspects that contribute to our health.

Instead, they learn from a “monkey see, monkey do” perspective.

At age two, both my daughters started mimicking me putting on deodorant. They started using lotion bars after their baths. They wanted face toner to de-grease after a workout.

And this is precisely the reason I opt for natural products.

If their instinct is to mimic me, I want to show them the best possible things. I want to create good habits NOW, while they’re young so that they’ll have awesome habits later in life when they’re making their own choices.

Knowing the downfalls of traditional products, they’re not something I would choose to lather on my two-year-old… which means they’re not a lotion I should be using either. In our kids’ world, we’re they’re biggest influence and I think of that daily.

If I want my girls to grow up healthy, I need to be the example. I need to talk to them about why I chose the products I do. And I need to let them do what they do best: mimic.

Knowing all of that, I do strive to make my own products as much as possible. However, some products I’m just plain not good at (deodorant was a huge fail for years!) and others I simply don’t have time for.

This means that having a healthy, all-natural brand you TRUST to rely on is crucial. Primally Pure saved my sanity in the fact that making all of my own products was getting a bit too much to handle as a working mom. It took me six years to find a brand that both worked as I needed it to (being a fitness junkie, deodorant was a struggle) and also had top quality products.

And while you may know you want to use more natural products, it’s probably a bit overwhelming. It was petrifying when I started, so I get it.

When it comes to making the transition to natural products below are three of my biggest tips:

It Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing

I understand the feeling of fear and wanting to dive right in, gut your cupboards and cry (just me?). But just because you’ve made the decision doesn’t mean you need to overhaul. It’s okay to take small steps, to trial and error and to transition slowly.

Take a breath and know that even small steps are a step forward. There’s no “right”, “wrong” or “have-to” with this.

Start With The Products You Use The Most

For me, this was lotion, lip chap and deodorant. As women, we normally use these products daily (multiple times) and so they’re the biggest bang for your buck. These products are also the ones your kids will see you use the most. Which is why I always recommend people start the transition here.

Plus, grabbing a new lotion or lip chap is easy. They smell great and it’s a simple transition to a new tube.
Starting a whole new skincare routine that you’ve never done before is a bit scary and will only cause more stress. Instead, keep it simple and opt for natural versions of products you already use.

Don’t Give Up

The saying is true (especially with deodorant) that there is a “detox period” when you transition to natural products. With lotions, your skin takes a bit to adjust to using nature-based ingredients, so if it’s not completely silky in two hours, give it time. ?

The same goes for deodorants. Your body is used to relying on chemicals. It needs time to get them out of the system and adjust. It’s a bit of a transition and sometimes not an immediate fix.

Remember mamas, they’re always watching, mimicking and striving to be like their favorite person (you!). So be the example, open up the conversation and show natural options so that when they’re old enough to chose, the habits are already in place.

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Non-toxic products hold so much power - especially as a parent. Here's why you should make the switch to clean skincare + 3 practical tips to do it! | Primally Pure Skincare

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