The People Have Spoken: This Natural Deodorant Works

From creating deodorant and a daily skincare routine to cultivating clean living content and a like-minded community, the reason behind everything we do is YOU.

Seeing your smiling faces (plus a few happy pits!) and hearing your personal PP stories gives us even more motivation to continue to do what we do. And we wanted to do a blog post dedicated to you – our customers, community and the lives that have been changed from something as simple as a deodorant tube.

Alongside some of our favorite feedback from customers who have finally found their deo soulmate, we’ll also be unpacking what sets our deodorant apart and spilling our secrets to what makes it a favorite formula for so many.

Whatever it was that led you to find us (and then trust us), we’re deeply grateful. Whether it was a diagnosis, a dead-end search or discovering that ingredients really *do* matter, these are the deodorant stories that inspire us daily – and we hope they inspire you, too.

Ingredients you can trust (and pronounce)

For so many of our customers, the decision to toss their traditional deodorant and opt for a non-toxic alternative began with a positive pregnancy test, a difficult diagnosis or a startling statistic that made them think differently about the products they’re applying day in, and day out.

Finding a deodorant with ingredients that are real and recognizable became a non-negotiable for our community. With conventional deodorants being one of the biggest contributors to our toxic load, it’s no wonder when there’s a precious life on the line (whether it’s a new baby, hubby or of course, yourself!), ditching that old deo doesn’t seem like such tough decision after all. Ingredients they could trust to enhance their well-being became top priority – for themselves and for their loved ones.

“My husband is a radiation therapist and touts the importance of natural deodorants to his cancer patients. We have been using this deodorant for a while now and it is absolutely the best!! For me, it is the only natural deodorant that works for odor!” -Jenna

“I was incredibly skeptical about natural deodorant – I stress sweat and it is BAD! I will NEVER go back to drugstore brand deodorant. My pre-teen son is just starting to wear deodorant and I bought for him as well. Glad he smells great and is wearing a safe clean product!” -Kaleigh

“Nothing ever seemed to fully protect on the hottest of Atlanta summers. And then… enter Primally Pure! Not only am I in love with it, but my fiancé is too! And let’s be real… A deodorant isn’t fully approved until it passes the post work out man test. So glad to know I’ll never have to test out another deodorant!” -Amber

Naturally mined baking soda: just the right amount (you know, Goldilocks style)

While baking soda really is one of the best ingredients to keep unwanted odor under wraps, it doesn’t mean that pit irritation is inevitable. Finding just the right amount of baking soda to combat unwanted odor while keeping sensitive skin protected is a process that took our Founder years to refine. We’ve also taken our formula one step further and include naturally mined baking soda which is even more gentle for our sensitive skin, friends.

Because of you guys, and your genuine feedback about our formula over the past several years, we’ve been even more motivated to make sure our baking soda ratios didn’t leave you with raw, rash-y underarms (or stinky pits). And we’re pretty confident we’ve perfected it – but we couldn’t have done it without YOU.

“I have sensitive skin and detox issues (MTHFR gene mutation). Every other deodorant left me with a red rash and painful underarms from too much baking soda.. this brand is just the right amount of everything. I am completely happy with this product and after wasting so much money on other natural deodorants that didn’t work, I finally found MINE!” -Alarie

“My husband and I have been using this deodorant for a few years now. We have tried many different brands of natural deodorants and this is our favorite! Other brands always caused irritation and this one never has. When we tried this one, we were sold from the start! My husband works outside in construction year-round in Southern California and this provides the protection he needs.” -Karen

“I tried so many different ones over the span of a year – Native, Primal Pit Paste, Lume, PiperWai – I did all the research and it seemed like nothing would work for me. The result was always the same – hope dashed in a painful rash. When I learned about Primally Pure, I was very skeptical. I’ve been using the Charcoal Deodorant for 2 years now, and there’s no going back.” -Jess

Essential oils vs. Synthetic (even natural) fragrance

Something we’re very passionate about at Primally Pure is this point right here. Because, believe it or not, it’s not just aluminum you want to avoid in your deodorant. One of the most toxic ingredients you’ll find, even on “natural deodorant” labels, is fragrance. (Find out the ugly truth about fragrance here!). So we purposefully formulate our deodorant with only organic essential oils to help purify skin, control odor, and boost the overall well-being of our customers. Aromatherapy and plant medicine is powerful stuff!

But just because our PP fam has decided to ditch fragrance in their deodorant doesn’t mean they’re willing to sacrifice smelling good. That’s the point of applying deo isn’t it? 😉 However, we’ve heard countless stories about how the struggle to find a formula that’s organic and fights odor has been an uphill battle – until they came across our ingredient list (you won’t find any fake + chemical-filled fragrances, even “natural” ones, in our deodorant), put it to the test, and have never looked back.

“This is the most effective natural deodorant I’ve ever found. In fact, it is more effective than I remember chemical deodorants being. Throughout the day, I catch a whiff of lavender here and there and look around to locate the source before I remember where it came from; then I embarrass my kids by commenting that I’m glad I’m home so I can stop and enjoy the scent of my underarms for a minute!” -Charliene

“I was giving up hope of finding a natural product that kept me from constantly doing the inconspicuous underarm sniff to make sure I wasn’t offending anyone with my BO. This is a game-changer! And now that my son has started needing deodorant, I’m happy I have a product that I feel good about him using, too!” -Jessica

I look forward to putting it on because I know it’s safe yet also because I am obsessed with the natural scent. Best decision ever. DITCH the TOXIC DEODORANT for this. No regrets.” -Victoria

Organic ingredients

The truth is, our bodies have been designed to absorb a big part of the products we apply, plus our delicate underarms are right next to some major lymph nodes and breast tissue, so the ingredients you’re swiping on your pits are actually impacting your health more than you might realize.

Ditching toxic deodorant has been a turning point for so many of our customers. Applying good-for-you, organic ingredients every single day has been a game-changer for their health + well-being in tangible ways. The benefits? They experience a positive difference in hormone health, energy, adrenal glands, pms symptoms and clearer skin – just to name a few! Plus nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial properties help to improve the health of skin, leaving pits smooth and protected (aka happy pits!).

“I can honestly say switching to this deodorant made me feel physically better! The previous product I was using under my arms was rated 9/10 on the toxicity scale. When I switched, I felt better and my mood improved. After a good sweat, there is still no body odor smell! I even bought one for my Mom!” -Hannah

“I’ve always had an issue with sweat and odor control… Unfortunately, antiperspirants (in addition to all of the heavy metals and bad-for-your-body stuff) build up in my pores in my armpits (tmi, I know, sorry) causing cysts. So when I decided to switch to natural deodorant because I overhauled all of my toxic products I was really skeptical that I’d find one that worked for me BUT PP’s is AMAZING. No more uncomfortable cysts or clogged pores in my pits. Honestly, it changed my life.” -Jenna

“I’ve been using this for about a year and a half and will never buy anything else. The “toxic” types give me red bumpy underarms. I have sensitive skin and this leaves my armpits looking clear and healthy. I went on a 5-hour hike on a 90+ degree (humid) day yesterday, and 1 application in the morning lasted all day long!! I was pouring sweat, but had zero B.O.” -Cait

This natural deodorant works – and it’s changing lives. But don’t take our word for it! 😉 Press play to hear even more inspiring stories and share yours in the comments below! XO


This is the natural deodorant that works. But don’t take our word for it! These stories inspire us daily + we hope they inspire you too. | Primally Pure Skincare

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