How To Get Healthy Skin In Less Time

“Busy” has become an all too familiar word in our modern-day world – and often that means our skincare + self-care routines are one of the first things to get forgotten and fly out the window.

How many nights have you just wanted to fall into bed without washing your face? Yeah, we feel you. But friends, let’s not allow “busy” to steal from our much-needed skincare and self-care routines, okay?

We’re here to help you make self-care a priority even in the midst of “busy” and provide tips that support a regular rhythm for your skincare routine – in less time.

The first thing to remember about a skincare routine is that it’s intended to serve you and your skin and your schedule. You can simplify these steps if you’re short on time or you can make your skincare routine more intentional depending on your skin needs and the results you’re hoping to see – or if you’re in need of some serious TLC.


Less Time: Just because you may not have time for a full neck + face Gua Sha routine, don’t give up on the practice completely! Simply following the Gua Sha steps on the neck powerfully optimizes lymphatic flow and opens pathways for drainage + detoxification from the face. If you feel like the full Gua Sha sequence is too daunting some days, just taking 2 minutes to fit in the few neck steps will help keep skin clear, minimize puffiness and promote glowing skin – no matter the day may hold.

More TLC: Typically I’m not a big fan of multi-tasking, but in this case, a simple way to fit in the entire Gua Sha sequence is to multi-task! If you already unwind before bed by reading a book, taking a bath or binge-watching your favorite show, grab your Gua Sha stone and follow the full sequence at the same time. Or if you find yourself with a free 15 minutes, focus on your breathing and give yourself space to fully relax and receive all the benefits of this transformative ritual.


Less Time: This can easily become the step that gets skimped on when tiredness sets in. But friends, listen up: cleansing is the most crucial step in your skincare routine. While you already know we’re completely obsessed with the Oil Cleansing Method for healthy, balanced skin – we understand there are days when cleansing may be the last thing you want to do. But please (for the sake of this Holistic Esthetician’s heart!), don’t succumb to falling asleep with your makeup still on. Take one quick minute to lather up with this foaming bar – you can even keep it in the shower as a daily reminder to wash your face! Now your face is fresh and happy (and so is my heart!) and you’re ready to fall asleep.

More TLC: Double Cleansing Method. Enough said. 🙂


Less Time: Talk about getting glowing skin in less time, this facial tool will become a new best friend for busy mamas or for mornings when hitting snooze sounds more appealing than your skincare routine. Grab your Ridged Facial Roller from the fridge first thing in the morning and just a couple quick passes on the neck + face stimulate even more circulation and wake up tired skin. Bedtime beauty tip: Keep your roller on your nightstand! When you’re already in bed and can hardly hold your eyes open, reach for your facial roller to promote relaxation and lymphatic flow as you drift off to sleep. Now you have no excuses not to roll. 😉

More TLC: When you have time for your full skincare routine, make the final step facial rolling! This adds even more benefits for the skin by boosting the absorption of the nutrient-dense ingredients. Starting at the neck and moving upwards using light strokes, you can also take more intentional time to focus on areas of tightness + tension (such as the shoulders, jaw, and forehead) or signs of aging like fine lines around the eyes, mouth and neck. Rolling extra long in these areas will promote even deeper relaxation and support healthier skin from the inside out.


Less Time: Too often skincare routines can seem too time-consuming, but trust me, the benefits of skincare are SO worth it. If you’re too tired, traveling, “busy” (remember, we’re not going to let this word steal from our skincare routines!) or just want to stick to a minimal beauty routine, commit to the 3 foundational skincare steps: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. A quick cleanse with this foaming bar to create a clean canvas, a spritz of toner to replenish + prep for hydration, and a light layer of moisturizer to seal in all the goodness = 2 minutes, max. And you might even start to notice how this simple decision to commit to a skincare routine can create a positive impact on other areas of self-love and life, as well.

More TLC: Have the time to take a bit more time and intention for yourself and your skin? Watch this video tutorial or check out my personal skincare routine for a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your skincare products – and getting the results you want to see in your skin.


Less Time: If you’re short on time and skipping your morning shower (don’t worry, I do it all the time!), it’s dry shampoo to the rescue. Spending less time on your hair means more time for your skin, right? 😉 Refreshing a second or third-day style can mean a few extra minutes for facial rolling or journaling or actually sitting + enjoying your morning matcha instead of rushing out the door because you’re so “busy”. Who knew dry shampoo could really create a more beautiful morning?

More TLC: If you are hopping in the shower, give your skin + wellness a boost by dry brushing beforehand. Adding this ritual to your routine before showering only takes 2 minutes, but provides multiple benefits for your beauty + sense of well-being by supporting circulation and detoxification. Better flow = brighter glow, inside and out.


Less Time: Travel-sized and multi-purpose products make a world of difference in simplifying your skincare routine and finding ways to fit it in your schedule no matter where the day takes you. Toss a toner in your bag to maintain balanced skin throughout the day or keep this multi-purpose balm in your bag for beauty woes on the go – it doubles as an eye cream, cuticle cream, and for our breastfeeding mamas out there, a much-needed nipple cream.

More TLC: Get glowing skin everywhere you go and take your traveling skincare routine to the next level by incorporating your facial tools! Practice your Gua Sha ritual on the plane to minimize puffiness or keep your Ridged Facial Roller on hand to relax during a road trip.

We hope these tips have been helpful so you can actually make time for your skincare routine and squeeze in a few minutes of much-needed self-care, no matter what! XO



"Busy" has become an all too familiar word + often means skincare routines get forgotten. Here are our top tips to actually fit in your skincare routine! | Primally Pure Skincare

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