Holiday Skin Rehab

We hope that you fully enjoyed your holidays with loved ones – and maybe even treated yourself to your family’s traditional Christmas cookies and didn’t decline the bottle being passed around the table. But, now it’s time to take a bit more intention with your skin and self after this joyful (and indulgent!) season. Here’s some simple, easy-to-implement holistic skin care tips that we’ve gathered to give your skin a little holiday rehab.


Relax with a cup of herbal tea instead of your go-to glass of wine after work. Let your liver + digestive system rest and sip roasted dandelion tea to support the detoxification process. Its rich, spiced flavor will calm your senses as well as inflammation and toxic buildup throughout the body and skin.

Also as a part of your skin rehab, consider giving your body a break from caffeine. While it can give us a bit of a jumpstart when we’re feeling sluggish, caffeine ultimately dehydrates the body (which has a direct effect on your skin) and it also stimulates the nervous system – adding stress to our already overworked adrenals. What our body actually needs, especially after the stress of the season, is to slow down, detox and rebuild nourishment + hydration.

Swap out your morning pour over with an adaptogenic blend of herbs to help boost your immune system and moisture levels after one too many holiday lattes and layovers.


Make this simple DIY mask at home to infuse life into thirsty skin that’s dull + dehydrated. Full of Vitamin A and enzymes, this mask will help to gently exfoliate skin while helping to heal and hydrate.

1/2 cup pumpkin
1 tsp raw honey
1 egg white

Or try out this deep cleansing mask to purify and detox post-holiday skin.


We’re adopting this tip from a wise woman, dear friend and professional napper, Jenna Kutcher. We give you permission to nap and allow yourself to recharge – in the middle of the afternoon. The benefits of a quick cat nap are immense and will help to reboot your body + mind after the hustle of the holidays. Even if you take just 20 minutes out of your lunch break or schedule it in on Saturday afternoon, closing your eyes and letting yourself rest will help to decrease stress, rejuvenate skin, increase alertness and boost brain function. Exactly what we need after this festive (yet, stressful!) season. Say goodbye to grogginess and hello to glowing skin.


Not only does holiday travel take a toll on our skin’s appearance, but as temperatures drop this time of year, so does our skin’s moisture levels. While this tip may seem like a given, it’s essential to choose a moisturizer that’s specifically formulated for your face. Facial skin is much more delicate than the skin on the rest of our body. It requires more gentle ingredients that help to deeply nourish without clogging pores or merely sitting on top of the skin.

Conventional beauty creams are filled with chemicals that appear to be hydrating, however, these products often coat or clog (i.e. suffocate) your pores. Or if they do penetrate the skin, harmful ingredients are potentially headed straight to your bloodstream. Moisturize your dry + dehydrated skin with real, vitamin-rich, healing ingredients such as tallow from grass-fed cows, organic essential oils to soothe inflamed skin and potent herbs + plant-based oils to leave your skin truly glowing with health and hydration.

Oh, and don’t forget your lips! We love applying lip balm before bed and waking up to smooth, moisturized and plump lips – even in the winter. Chapped lips don’t have to come with the colder months, make them a thing of the past.

We hope these tips will help to bring your skin back to life and not only nourish and balance your body, but your whole self. Share this post with a friend and tackle this holiday skin rehab program together!


Restore skin health after the long holiday season!  Check out these simple, easy-to-implement holistic skin care tips that we’ve gathered to give your skin a little holiday rehab. | Primally Pure

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