Our Founder Shares Her Top 9 Fitness Finds for Making Fitness Fun

Fitness activities have always been my happy place, a needed boost of energy and release from the everyday stressors of life.

I’ve spent time as a competitive swimmer, an avid CrossFit-er, running half marathons, and almost any type of workout you can name. But even these days, as a momma, wife, and business owner, leading an active lifestyle is essential to me.

A lot of my fitness these days consists of walking, tennis, and boot camp-style workouts. Having the right products behind me helps to give me that extra bit of motivation (especially on those days when I’m just not feeling it!).

I believe that [even if you’re not a huge fan of fitness] when you equip yourself with meaningful and innovative products, an active lifestyle becomes second nature – even enjoyable.

Everyone has different preferences, but these are my tried and true favorites that have been supportive during this stage of life. I hope you find this collection of fitness finds useful, and that maybe something new inspires you!

1. BKR Sustainable Water Bottle

I’ve been using my BKR sustainable water bottle for years – it’s my go-to water bottle for any activity outside (or inside) the house. I love the feel of the silicone cover that keeps it well protected from breaking. And it comes in an assortment of beautiful colors to fit every mood/style.

Why you’ll love this sustainable water bottle:

  • Its chemical-free glass material (and notably, BPA-free) 
  • It’s safe in hot temperatures – no leaching chemicals into your water
  • It saves the environment from many single-use plastic water bottles
  • It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • The large 32oz size provides enough volume for a long outing
  • The small mouth opening ensures fewer spills

What makes this water bottle unique: BKR is really inventive. They’ve created lids that allow for reusable straws and even a compact cover with storage room for small items like supplement capsules.

2. Girlfriend Collective’s “The Scrunchie” Made From Recycled Water Bottles

This is my favorite hair scrunchie of all time! It’s perfect for athletic activities or casual everyday wear. They’re also very affordable. I always have a few on hand. I’m picky, so believe me when I say: it’s truly the perfect size hair scrunchie! It leaves my hairstyle intact – zero indents! 

Why you’ll love this hair scrunchie:

  • It’s made from BPA-free recycled water bottles to care for the environment
  • It’s colored with eco-friendly dyes to be kind to the planet and your body
  • They also offer a “sport” option if you want something even more secure 
  • Its durable material means you can easily throw them in the wash

What makes this hair scrunchie unique: These hair scrunchies are made from the leftover scraps from the clothing products at the Girlfriend Collective. So you’re getting a double sustainable product – quality fabric and minimizing production waste. 

3. Bala Bangles – Stylish Weight Wrist/Ankle Bands 

Walking with wrist weights (or ankles) is one of my favorite ways to enjoy a bit of resistance during my pregnancy whenever I'm feeling up for a challenge! These bands are a great buy because 1. They’re beautiful, right? But 2. They have various uses for staying toned and adding a little extra to your fitness routine.

Why you’ll love these weight wrist bands:

  • They have silicone coatings for padding and comfort
  • They’re made with high-quality and recycled materials to last
  • You can take them everywhere: yoga, walks, aerobics, boxing, pilates, home working, core training, or rehab!
  • They’re easy to adjust and put on

What makes these weight wrist bands unique: Bala aims to create an approachable, playful feel to an active lifestyle without the judgy, elite feeling some brands portray. Everyone’s welcome. We need more of that in our world!

4. Beyond Yoga’s Maternity Line – Maternity Yoga Clothing for Every Occasion

Hands down, Beyond Yoga makes my favorite maternity workout clothes. They’re incredibly soft, and the pants are supportive in all the right ways. I love my pants featuring a waistband that hugs my pregnant belly and makes them incredibly comfortable. 

Why you’ll love this maternity yoga clothing:

  • They’re designed for versatility to move with you, whether lounging or being active
  • The over-the-belly waistbands are easy to fold up or down
  • They feature intentional designs to support you through every trimester + after birth
  • Recycled earth-friendly fabrics make up the majority of their line

What makes them unique: Unlike many mainstream brands, Beyond Yoga is size inclusive and proudly female-founded. Girl power, right?

5. LMNT’s Electrolyte Mix – A Clean Electrolyte Drink Without Sugar

This brand is a longtime favorite in the PP family. (It’s pronounced “element” – you’re welcome. ;)) The mixes are packed with electrolytes and a clean formula – you’ll never find sub-par ingredients. We get these delivered to the Primally Pure office, and the whole team LOVES them!

My favorite things about LMNT’s electrolyte mix:

  • A clean formula without artificial coloring, sugar, or additives
  • Provides a boost of energy throughout the day or to start your day
  • It’s perfect for low carb, whole food diets or paleo to support your routine
  • It’s sweetened naturally with stevia
  • They make unique flavors to choose from depending on your mood
  • The conveniently compact packaging makes it effortless to bring with you

What makes LMNT unique: There’s no guessing. They have many resources, studies, and science to show why your body needs salt, despite many misleading claims our society follows.

6. Rains Waterproof Gym Bag

The Rains waterproof gym bag has a cult-like following for a good reason! This black gym bag is sleek, functional, and waterproof for unexpected downpours (or, let’s be real, spills from my kids). It’s also the perfect size to use as a weekend bag too!

My favorite things about this waterproof gym bag:

  • Front zip pocket and easily accessible main compartment
  • Waterproof coating for any and every occasion
  • Removable strap + wrapped handles for comfort 
  • Durable materials that’ll last for the long haul

What makes this waterproof gym bag unique: Rains use a PU coating which is much safer than alternative waterproof coatings that disrupt hormones. It’s chemical-free and eco-friendly.

7. Alo Yoga’s Baseball Cap

Alo’s baseball hat is my favorite for active days or workouts. It’s a great standard fit with a lightweight feel. I enjoy wearing it on walks or while playing tennis to shield my face from the sun + stay cool. It also pairs well with a sporty chic, laid-back outfit on a bad hair day. 

My favorite things about this baseball cap:

  • Certified ethical manufacturing to ensure fair working conditions/pay
  • Adjustable velcro back for easy adjusting
  • Shade for hot days spent in the sun
  • Comfortable fit without tightness or itching
  • They have a great selection of colors to choose from or build a collection
  • It’s designed to be versatile “from studio-to-street effortless”

What makes Alo Yoga unique: Their mission is to bring yoga to the world. They have a nonprofit that provides free mindful movement videos to 3+ MILLION school kids.

8. Primally Pure’s Non-Toxic Deodorant

Okay, I’m biased. But seriously, the team at Primally Pure has spent years perfecting our formula with the cleanest, most gentle yet effective ingredients. I firmly believe in the power of sweating, but I don’t want to smell bad. So having a non-toxic deodorant on hand is a non-negotiable for me. 

The tea tree deo has always been my go-to because of its strong antibacterial properties, but I’m loving our new vanilla citrus scent for the summer months. It’s the perfect blend of fresh, sweet, and lively!

Why you’ll love Primally Pure’s Non-Toxic Deodorant:

  • Our naturally-mined baking soda helps to prevent underarm rash
  • It supports your sweat’s natural detoxing power with kaolin clay
  • It soothes irritation from shaving with ingredients like tallow + non-nano zinc oxide
  • Our subscription service has you covered, so you never run out (+ discounts!)

What makes Primally Pure’s non-toxic deodorant unique: It’s truly natural + non-toxic when you look at the ingredients. This is especially important when you look at many natural deodorant labels and find “fragrance.” Our deodorant scents are only created with clean essential oils.

9. Avre’s Life Force Recycled Tennis Shoes in White

I’ve recently discovered this brand, and I can’t get enough of them! Choosing my color and design was nearly impossible because they’re all so thoughtfully and beautifully crafted. I love that these shoes are designed with women in mind to empower them with sustainable choices!

Why you’ll love Avre’s Sustainable Tennis Shoes:

  • Earth-friendly production + recycled materials
  • Features a hidden pocket to tuck the laces in (or hide a key?)
  • Each shoe saves 8-10 single-use water bottles from landfills or oceans
  • They have the best muted color palettes to choose from 
  • They’re safe to throw in the washing machine to freshen up

What makes Avre’s sustainable tennis shoe unique: Besides being made from recycled fabric, they use an innovative “knit-to-shape” technology to create exact sizes and eliminate scraps in the production process.

Feeling Inspired? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing some of my favorite fitness finds. Discovering supportive modalities and products for an active lifestyle is the perfect way to re-ignite your desire to move and do something beautiful for your body + mind. 

Bethany, CEO, and Founder of Primally Pure



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