How Blue Yarrow Body Oil Helped This Seaside Blogger's Skin Glow

Body oil, a luxurious liquid to hydrate, heal, and nourish the skin. This lovely bottle of goodness has had me floating on air the last few weeks. My skin is glowing and prepared to enjoy a long golden summer.

Beautiful Blue Yarrow Body Oil from Primally Pure

My journey with oils did not begin well. I loved the idea of using pure raw coconut or olive oil on my skin, but every time I did the oil would simply not absorb. It would sit on top and make me feel slippery and well… oily all day long! It stained my clothes and sheets and basically was an incredibly messy experience, one I do not wish to repeat. I came away feeling discouraged, wondering how all my fellow clean beauty friends were making it work. Perhaps my skin just couldn’t handle oils? That must be it, I told myself.

Leaving oils behind, I found and tried many different body butters. They absorbed, but it was hard to find a short simple clean ingredient list. I began realizing that I needed ingredients that could maintain hydration long-term—change the texture and health of my skin, not just cover it. Meanwhile, I kept longing for the simplicity of body oils and wishing I could use them.

One day I happened upon a discussion over the differences between virgin unrefined coconut oil and fractionated coconut oil. It was incredibly enlightening! To put it simply, the varied fatty chains in virgin coconut oil prevent easy skin absorption. There are the blessed few that can absorb it, but most skin types struggle. I, obviously, fit in the struggling category. Fractionated coconut oil, on the other hand, is created by removing a few of the chains so that only saturated fats remain (medium-chain triglyceride) and though I’m not usually a proponent of heated or altered ingredients, this allows for quick and full absorption. I still encourage you to seek the highest possible quality—at the very least find organically grown.

This news changed my perspective and gave me hope! At the same time, I landed on Primally Pure’s lovely online shop, hoping to try out their deodorant (review coming next!). I saw that they carried body oils as well and started perusing the ingredient list. Number one on the list—fractionated organic coconut oil. My heart leaped and I began reading up on the other ingredients. They checked out! From there it was determining which of the beautiful oils to try first. The color of the blue bottle caught my eye, then I saw the main ingredient and knew this was the oil I wanted.

Blue yarrow. This incredible plant has been used for centuries to heal numerous conditions, from war wounds, joint stiffness, and eczema to simple cuts and bruises. It also holds many other benefits as well, but we’re focusing on skin today. The other essential oils included were soothing and calming lavender and restoring and revitalizing geranium. Pair these with the rich, plumping, and hydrating oils and you have skin heaven in a bottle.

Needless to say, I was sold.

Beautiful Blue Yarrow Body Oil from Primally Pure

How Primally Pure Body Oil Made This Blogger's Skin Glow

Fast forward a month and a half and I am finishing up my second bottle. I know. I’m that obsessed. Believe me it’s with good reason! My skin has never been so calm. I tend to have very very sensitive and dry skin—symptoms of two health conditions I live with daily, Hypothyroidism and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)—so it can become easily irritated and uncomfortable.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this product with you today and hope that it brings as much healing and joy to your life as it has mine. Below you will find information on the company behind the oil as well as my personal experience with it. Enjoy!

Primally Pure

The story behind this small local company is an inspiring one. It actually started with a family’s decision to eat real clean food and start a farm called Primal Pastures. If you’re in the Western portion of the States, I highly recommend perusing their site and even scheduling a farm visit. You’ll be impressed. Back to skincare, one of the family members, a sweet gal named Bethany, wished to clean up her skincare in partnership with her new nourishing diet. Finding little that met her standards, she began to concoct her own products with simple high-quality ingredients. It wasn’t long before she was convinced to sell them on the family farm’s online shop. The raving reviews flowed in and began to build the foundation that made the current company possible. Over the last year or so, she’s gathered a dedicated team around her to expand availability and product options.

I could go on for a while about the level of quality in each of Primally Pure’s products, but I’ll save that for each individual review. Basically, they most definitely meet my requirements for nourishing and restorative skincare. For those of you that are new to Merfleur, I define high-quality ingredients as: fresh, non-gmo, natural or raw ingredients, wild or organically grown, created with low-heat, and, hopefully, locally or indigenously sourced.

Primally Pure came to my attention through the farm Primal Pastures, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to invest and give the line a try. I now have quite a few of Bethany’s gorgeous and life-giving concoctions in my possession. As I’ve shared on my Instagram stories, I’ll be continuing to try and test them over the next few months. I plan to only share those that work well for me, so I definitely encourage you to peruse Primally Pure’s shop in case there is something I am not reviewing that may be in line with your personal skin needs. Since Primally Pure’s sourcing and combining of ingredients is so trustworthy, it’s really a matter of effectiveness and personal preference at this point.

Beautiful Open Bottle of Blue Yarrow Body Oil

Beautiful Blue Yarrow Body Oil from Primally Pure


+ Primally Pure’s Blue Yarrow Body Oil


In the first 2 weeks, my skin needed ALOT of the oil. Hence the 2ish bottles in a month and a half! My skin was transitioning… rebalancing from it’s dehydrated state. Absorbing the oil became easier and quicker for my skin with each day. I can happily say the stagnant oiliness I had experienced with the raw oils did not occur. I have been known to breakout in hives or random bouts of itchiness and neither have taken place. In fact, I think Primally Pure’s body oil has reduced my sensitivity overall. The combination of ingredients in this body oil work to soften and soothe my skin into a place of sweet peace.

The aroma. It’s perfectly lovely. I could smell the open bottle all day long, which is odd because I am normally hyper-sensitive and don’t enjoy strong scents that linger too long. The Blue Yarrow body oil provides just the right amount of aroma during application to relax your mind and body. Within 30 minutes, it has soaked in perfectly and left a neutral clean smell on the skin.

Beautiful Blue Yarrow Body Oil from Primally Pure

Uses & How-To

+ Body Moisturizer

1 pump into palms, rub hands together, and gently massage into one area of
the body with light circular motions, continue this method with the rest of
your body. Don’t forget to give your cuticles, elbows, and heels some love.

Apply post-shower for deepest absorption and/or first thing in the morning,
prior to getting dressed. I do both 🙂

+ Skin Healer

Apply morning and night, spending a little extra time gently massaging more
oil into the injured or systemically irritated areas. I recommend wearing
cotton clothing after application to allow for breathability as well.

+ Hair Hydrator

Pre or post-shower, after moisturizing your body, lightly run your fingers
through lower half of locks, focusing on your ends. You do not need much,
simply use what was left over on your hands after covering your body.

For a restorative hair mask, use 1/2 to 1 full pump and massage into scalp
and locks, tie up in a bun and sleep on it overnight. Shower first thing in the

Beautiful Blue Yarrow Body Oil from Primally Pure

Rosy to Golden

Lastly, I have to share a recent experience that made the healing power of this oil very real for me. It started with a weekend camping trip along the coast with friends. My very “light” skin and I had not spent much uncovered time in the sun of late and I was a little nervous about burning. I lathered my body with a new non-nano zinc sunscreen I had been waiting to try (I’m on a new venture to find a safe clean non-nano sunscreen that actually works and doesn’t make you look like a ghost) and spent the day hoping it was doing its job. Well…. evening came and let’s just say my legs no longer looked “white” but had changed hues to a not so lovely rosy red. Yep. My efforts had proven ineffective, at least on the legs, and I was pretty disappointed. Enter my healing blue liquid gold. I went home that night and covered my body in the oil, hoping it might help, but planning to be uncomfortable for a while. Friends, I cannot express how impressed I was with the results! Within a day, yes, one day, my skin was on the mend. By day two, I was golden. My skin remained healthy and happy from that day forward. I’m a huge fan of pure aloe vera, buuuut I may not need it quite as much with this gorgeous rescuer! Story’s conclusion… this oil is beyond a moisturizer, it’s a proven healer. I’m an absolute believer.

Body oil, a luxurious liquid to hydrate, heal, and nourish the skin.  Check out how Blue Yarrow Body Oil helped this seaside blogger's skin glow and how she uses body oil for more than just her skin! | Primally Pure




À votre santé!


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