How To Balance Hormones Naturally Part 2: Tips For Less Stress

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We’ve all been there, fallen into the lie that more is better — more hustle, more coffee, more clients is the answer. Hand raised right here, I am guilty too! We as a society in general have glorified the hustle, the busy, the stress so much that quite often we don’t know how to function without it. Our bodies have become used to this new stress equilibrium, even though we physically can’t handle it as well as we think we can.

Keep in mind that stress isn’t just about staying at the office too late or tackling one more project, stress comes in the form of negativity, food additives, toxic skincare and makeup, lack of consistent sleep, and so much more.

Stress is one of the biggest factors linked to hormonal imbalances.


Our adrenal glands are truly the definition of small but mighty — these powerful little glands not only control our stress response but also our cortisol output, aldosterone levels (which regulate blood pressure) and where a portion of our sex hormones are produced.

When your body is in a constant state of stress or “fight or flight mode” your adrenal glands don’t know when to stop – they don’t know when to stop pushing out cortisol to keep up.

What happens is that chronic stress over-rides our hormones’ natural regulatory feedbacks and creates further hormonal imbalances, not just to your adrenals, but to your thyroid, blood sugar and sex hormones.

To put it simply, if you never charged your phone, it would eventually run out of battery right? Your body is exactly the same, we can push and strive and hustle, but eventually our bodies need to be plugged up to the charger and allowed to rest.

Until we work to start eliminating stress and designing a stress-less life, our hormones will never be able to fully flourish.

Thankfully, although we can’t escape all the stress factors of this modern world, there is so much we can do to put systems in place to guard our hearts and bodies from stress. If you are anything like me, you might be scared to slow down, but in all honesty, slowing down allows to to prioritize and opens up your day and your life to even greater possibilities!


  • Learn to say NO: Remember, no does not have to be a negative word. In fact, saying NO opens you up to the possibilities of a better YES.
  • Prioritize: As women, we truly want to do a million things—we have a heart of service and want to help others, but often that can come at a price, leaving us feeling scattered and pulled in a million different directions. Take the time to truly prioritize what is important to you and your future and pursue what brings lasting contentment to your life, rather than getting flustered with the little stuff.
  • Take a deep breath: Breathing gives our bodies oxygen that helps our brain function at a higher level. Often when we are stressed, we forget to take deep breaths in and out, so if you are ever feeling overwhelmed, close your eyes and breath.
  • Focus on positivity: It takes our bodies, both physically and emotionally, more energy to recover from a negative word, tone or event than a positive one. If your adrenals are already in a weakened state (which sadly most women are), negativity will only enhance your hormonal imbalances. So when the doubt, fear or negativity creeps in, try to replace that with a positive affirmation.
  • Practice self-care each day: Taking the time to “charge your battery” so to speak, helps reduce stress and gives you the energy and passion to live more vibrantly. You may even notice your thoughts being more clear after a moment of self-care. Go for a walk in the sunshine, pick up that book you ordered but never read, or relax in a hot bath with Flower Bath Salts.

Remember, life isn’t just about today or tomorrow, it is about a lifetime—a lifetime of creating memories and a legacy that you are proud of. Taking the time to design a stress-less life today, will permeate every aspect of your life and allow you to truly flourish!

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Stress is one of the biggest factors linked to hormonal imbalances. Get practical tips for removing stress and how to balance hormones in this post! | Primally Pure

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