Boost Beauty And Wellness With These 6 Adaptogens

In an effort to ease stress, we diffuse essential oils, draw epsom salt baths and begin to say no to activities that take away our valuable time. While all of these stress-relieving rituals are effective at calming our mind + body externally, there’s a new wave of wellness that supports our bodies in times of stress, internally.

Adaptogen may sound like some foreign health term to you, or maybe you’ve already become familiar with this new beauty trend that is quickly going mainstream – for good reason! Wherever you’re at in your adaptogen journey, we wanted to give you the lowdown.

Simply put, adaptogens are herbs that support our bodies to adapt and respond in times of stress. These powerhouse plants have adapted to their own wild climates + difficult conditions (dry, barren deserts and rugged mountain ranges) developing the ability to recover quickly from their environmental stressors. So when we supplement our daily diet with adaptogenic herbs, they in turn help to build resilience within our own bodies, protect our overall health and strengthen our capacity to handle stress. (And offer the added beauty benefit of a glowing complexion!)

It’s not just a new hot topic or trend, the beauty and immunity benefits of adaptogens are powerful and proven. Here are 6 (of the several!) adaptogenic herbs that should become your new best friends and a part of your daily wellness routine asap.


Potent antioxidant, traditionally prescribed to boost the immune system after sickness. Supports optimal thyroid + adrenal functions. Beneficial for balancing mood, relieving stress and supporting an overall sense of wellness.


Nutrient rich root helps to rebuild endocrine health and has been consumed for centuries for its energy boosting + hormone balancing benefits. For men, it also has positive effects on male fertility.


Powerful superberry aids in gentle detoxification by improving digestion + liver function. Considered to be a beauty tonic due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to restore a radiant complexion. Benefits also include increased mental clarity, energy and focus.


Proven anti-aging properties help to fight inflammation + free radical damage. Strengthens immune system, stimulates circulation and enhances skin health with high levels of antioxidants.


Mineral-rich healer carries energy + nutrition into the entire body. Improves digestion and gut health, lowers inflammation and free radical damage and also balances stress levels and soothes the nervous system. Containing electrolytes, fatty acids, silica, probiotics and prebiotics, it’s known to repair + rejuvenate the whole body.


One of nature’s most powerful plants, it supports full body healing inside and out. Improves respiratory health, regulates blood sugar, rebuilds beneficial microbes in the gut and can be used as a natural acne treatment.

Now that you know what these exotic + unique names mean, here’s the lowdown on how to implement the power of these adaptogenic plants into your diet.

Simply add a small amount of these powdered herbs (about 1/2 teaspoon is recommended) daily into your morning coffee, green smoothie or sprinkled onto your salad. Their health benefits build over time so it’s important to include small amounts into your diet daily and consistently.

With the holidays just around the corner, be sure to supplement with adaptogenic botanicals to support your well-being, beauty and immunity – allowing your mind and body to adapt to seasonal changes + stress levels.

Along with adaptogens, another stress-relieving tip is to simply remember to surrender and let go of control when unexpected circumstances or challenging situations come along. Stress is a natural and inevitable part of life, but it doesn’t have to take total control of your cortisol levels. This season, start to take a holistic approach with stress-relieving rituals and adaptogenic herbs for a more balanced and adaptable response to stress, and to life.


What are adaptogenic herbs? Adaptogenic herbs may be foreign to you, or maybe you're familiar with this trend. Wherever you’re at in your adaptogen journey, we wanted to give you the lowdown.  Click this link for our favorite adaptogens to boost beauty and wellness! | Primally Pure

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