5 Tips for Creating a Stylish and Sustainable Home

Hi there, PP community! My name is Cassidy. A huge passion of mine and driver for how I choose to live my life is my love for this planet! As our greatest home and the source of everything we need to live, I strive to honor it in the choices I make in my daily life. Albeit — imperfectly.

Another passion of mine is cultivating a home that feels good to be in. One that represents me, my style, my stories and my values.

Some might think sustainability and style are mutually exclusive of each other. But I’ve found the opposite to be quite true! Sustainability and style can blend together beautifully.

There are some principles I employ in my home to be able to experience the best of both worlds and I’m going to share some with you in this post!




We are constantly being told what we “need” and how incomplete our lives are without (insert marketer product). Over the years, I’ve spent time learning what I actually like and finding brands and products that I love. And for the most part, sticking with what I know works for me. That’s looked like buying fewer quantities but choosing higher qualities of products. Cutting down on a borage of seldom used, non-beloved products also keeps things less cluttered and therefore looking more polished and high-end.




I am a sucker for packaging! I do love a pretty bottle. And honestly, the prettiest packing to me tends to be one made from sustainable, easy to recycle or compost materials like glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard. One of my favorite upgrades to make your home look stylish instantly, is replacing a plastic hand soap bottle with a glass one! Even when you run out of the product, you’ve still got a pretty bottle to refill with whatever soap you have on hand.




When approaching styling a space, I think less is more! Well-chosen staple pieces serve as the foundation for a stylish space. An area that is clutter-free brings peace to our minds and calmness to our soul. When we are constantly bringing in trendy items, we tend to get sick of them quickly and then want to part with them faster. Slowing down our consumption helps us to be intentional with what we bring into our home and also help to decrease the number of things sent to landfill.




A large percentage of my home is second-hand pieces. Whether that’s something that was $2 at a thrift store, on the side of the road, a family heirloom, a hand-me-down, vintage or antique. Sourcing things second-hand is not only a great way to develop your unique style but it helps your wallet too! By giving something a new life, you divert it from ending up in the landfill and create less demand for a replacement to be made. I enjoy second-hand pieces also because everything comes with its own story! It feels like a special treasure that’s all your own.




Instead of purchasing season-specific items from big box stores, I like to experience the current season by bringing nature into my home. Grab a bouquet of locally grown seasonal flowers from the farmers market or clip some wild greenery on your evening walks to put in a vase. Display seasonal produce in a bowl in your kitchen, bring in the scents of the season through non-toxic room sprays or essential oils.

These are just a few ways to embrace a sustainable and styled home!

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How to create a stylish and sustainable home

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