5 Effective Ways To Use Our Everything Spray

In a culture obsessed with more – more activities, more appointments, more products – we’re committed to creating less. More doesn’t always mean better, and simplifying doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice effectiveness. That’s where our Everything Spray comes in.

With multiple products on the market promising to transform your skin, we’re here to help you simplify not only your skincare routine – but your life. 1 product. 5 different and effective ways to use it. From your face to your whole family (including your furry friends!), Primally Pure Everything Spray is one powerhouse, multi-tasking mist that you can trust to help minimize inflammation – and the amount of products in your bathroom.


One of our favorite ways to use Everything Spray is as a facial toner. Twist off the top, pour a bit onto an organic cotton round and sweep across your skin morning and night for a clear, balanced complexion. It’s loaded with healing and antibacterial ingredients to help prevent and calm acne, redness + inflammation.

Organic essential oils of tea tree and lavender treat the skin with antibacterial properties, organic witch hazel reduces inflammation and organic raw + unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains powerful healing enzymes.

Tip: Spritz onto your back, upper arms and chest to help treat body acne and keep skin smooth + clear. (While we made a slight change to our Everything Spray packaging and replaced the spray top with a twist off cap, we’ll always include a spray top with each Everything Spray order so you can still spritz on hard to reach areas!)

“Nothing I’ve tried has gotten rid of my breakouts so quickly! My skin after only a couple weeks is clear and radiant!” -Brittany

“Within days I have noticed the inflammation in my acne-prone skin has gone down!” -Katie


While our natural deodorant works wonders to combat unwanted odor, spritzing this mist on your pits provides the perfect refresher after a workout or a long day at work. It helps to disinfect, deodorize and keep the delicate underarm area protected. Sensitive to baking soda in deodorant? You can even use Everything Spray as a deodorant alternative with its B.O.-fighting benefits.

Organic raw + unfiltered apple cider vinegar balances the skin’s pH, lavender hydrosol calms skin + combats odor, and organic tea tree essential oil disinfects and keeps odor-causing bacteria at bay.

Tip: Spritz onto pits before applying your PP deodorant for extra protection and keep a travel-size bottle in your bag to be prepared for whatever the day may bring.

“I also spray it on my armpits after I’ve shaved and every single day before I apply my natural charcoal deodorant which I also give 5 stars!” -Crystal

“This Everything Spray is likely my favorite PP product and I use it all the time…. I spray it on my underarms as a mid-day refresher.” -Nicole


Shaving doesn’t have to be a necessary evil – and ingrown hairs don’t have to be an inevitable outcome. Although some skin types are more prone to ingrowns than others, with this powerful spray you can say good-bye to them for good. Whether you’re a guy who prefers the clean-shaven look or a girl ready to hit the beach with a smooth bikini line, this product is a must-have for post-shaving, sugaring or waxing.

Organic lavender essential oil + hydrosol calms irritated skin, magnesium oil is incredibly beneficial for skin health, and organic witch hazel gently disinfects and soothes inflammation.

Tip: Try dry brushing before showering to gently exfoliate skin and spritz Everything Spray after toweling off to prevent ingrown hairs from appearing.

“I’m prone to ingrown hairs in my bikini area and was using other products previously (toxic/common recommendations). I’ve been using this consistently for almost 3 weeks and my ingrown hairs has significantly reduced.” -Marissa

“I bought this in hopes of it helping with irritated skin after shaving. I have tried multiple products and this is the only thing that has made any noticeable long lasting difference. The only regret is that I bought the smaller bottle.” -Lauren


The summer sun is here and while we definitely want to soak in Vitamin D, too much sun can lead to dehydration, sun damage and serious inflammation. Spritz onto skin or apply with an organic cotton round after a day in the sun to replenish nutrients and moisture. Whether you’re sun kissed or sun burned, our Everything Spray is a powerful skin soother that calms redness, infuses skin with hydration and stimulates healing.

Aloe vera juice regenerates damaged + inflamed skin, organic lavender hydrosol and essential oil deeply soothe and calm redness and magnesium oil helps to repair and strengthen skin cells.

Tip: Want even more hydration + healing? After applying Everything Spray, lather on Blue Tansy Body Oil to help heal sun damage + restore skin.

“I love how fresh it feels and how it calms skin irritation. Something I will always have in my possession!!” -Catie

“Super light feeling and refreshing on my skin, it has been ideal for rebuilding my complexion and hydrating it at the same time.” -Chadwick


With active kiddos, outdoor summer activities and even pets that like to play with (and get bit by!) bugs in the backyard, you may find yourself reaching for the medicine cabinet more than you might like. Simplify your first aid kit and spritz Everything Spray on scraped knees, random rashes and bug bites to help calm inflammation and speed up the healing process. No matter what the summer season brings, this spray will help your entire family (and furry friends) enjoy it so much more.

Organic raw + unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains powerful healing enzymes, magnesium oil helps to rebuild + repair skin cells and organic tea tree essential oil disinfects and provides antibacterial properties.

Tip: Prevent bug bites before they happen with our 100% natural mosquito repellent. Made with organic ingredients bugs can’t stand, your skin – and your family – will stay safe from pesky insects.

“I have actually used Everything Spray on my kids when they get scrapes on their knees and have you know! The next day, it does not even bother them. I carry it with me everywhere.” -Brian

“I was spraying this on my own and my family members’ rashes, bug bites and random skin irritations and it certainly had a calming effect. I will be reordering Everything Spray as it has a permanent place in my skin care regimen.” -CC

How have you used PP Everything Spray? We’d love to hear in the comments below!


1 product. 5 effective ways to use it. Our Everything Spray is a powerhouse, multi-tasking mist that minimizes inflammation and your skincare routine. | Primally Pure Skincare

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