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Ridged Roller

$ 44.00

Ridged Roller

$ 44.00
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Gua Sha + Ridged Roller

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  • Rose Quartz enhances product absorption, improves elasticity, tightens + tones a tired complexion, smoothes signs of aging (such as fine lines + wrinkles), and minimizes puffiness to provide a natural plumping effect to the skin.
    • This stone is known to represent unconditional love, harmony and acceptance. It’s also believed to support an open heart and promote connection with oneself + others - the perfect stone to embrace the aging process with grace and promote glowing, youthful skin, holistically.
  • Green Jade is a naturally cooling stone that calms inflamed skin, encourages circulation, cleanses skin tissues, minimizes puffiness and strengthens the delicate skin barrier to promote a balanced complexion.
    • This stone is known to help promote understanding and openness by unblocking stagnant energy and emotions. It’s also believed to help calm the nervous system and recenter your sense of wellness - the perfect stone to bring your skin back to a state of balance, holistically.
  • Yellow Nephrite is known to enhance emotional well-being and decrease the effects of stress - the perfect combo to help promote a clear, bright complexion and sense of wellness.

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