GUA SHA STONE – Primally Pure

Gua Sha Stone

GUA SHA STONE Primally Pure
GUA SHA STONE Primally Pure
Gua Sha Stone Tools Primally Pure
Gua Sha Stone Tools Primally Pure

Gua Sha Stone

$ 32.00

Facial Gua Sha is an ancient healing technique within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that visibly rejuvenates the skin through light pulling + lifting massage motions using a smooth gemstone tool.

It works with the skin to support and optimize the body’s own reparative functions by promoting lymphatic drainage, calming the nervous system, relieving muscle tension + tightness, clearing congestion + buildup, and increasing the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin.

  • The results are felt immediately and include detoxifying, depuffing, softening fine lines + wrinkles, sculpting facial muscles, brightening skin tone, releasing tension and improving the overall health of the skin.

    With consistent use (combined with a healthy lifestyle) Facial Gua Sha creates significant and long-term transformation in the skin and overall sense of wellness.

    Is this beauty tool better than Botox? Click here to find out.


    • Divets: Hug bones such as spine, jaw + brow.
    • Longer/smooth edge: Sweep across larger areas of the neck and face such as throat, cheeks and forehead.
    • Teeth/comb edge: Create light friction movements across visible signs of aging such as fine lines and discoloration.


    • Prep: Apply Skin-Specific Serum and/or Beauty Cream to freshly cleansed skin to provide proper slip + infuse nutrients into skin.
    • Pressure: Always use light pressure. You can incorporate more medium/firm pressure on specific areas where you carry more tension to relieve stagnation (shoulders, jaw, etc).
    • Pull: Use a 15-degree angle (about a finger’s width between the skin + stone) and support skin with the opposite hand (especially under the delicate eye area!).
    • Placement: Avoid active acne breakouts and work around inflammation instead of directly over it to stimulate healing. Wiggle stone slightly at the end of each step to stimulate flow and release tension.
    • Commit: Even if you only have 5 minutes or less, follow the neck sequence to open up pathways + promote lymph drainage.
    • Clean: We recommend spritzing your Gua Sha Stone with our non-toxic Hand Sanitizer or washing with warm + soapy water after each use.


  • Our Gua Sha stones are crafted from sustainably sourced Serpentine Jade stone and come packaged in black felt pouches.

    Each stone is unique and the colors vary due to the natural diversity of jade.

    Your purchase will be accompanied by a "how-to" printed guide and detailed step-by-step video instructions from our Holistic Esthetician.