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For days when you're in a hurry or when washing/drying your hair feels like too big of a task, our dry shampoo will be your new best friend.

Our dry shampoo for dark hair contains more organic cocoa powder for seamless blending with all shades of brunette.


    • Kaolin clay and organic arrowroot powder absorb moisture while adding texture and volume.
    • Made with organic essential oils of grapefruit (has natural cleansing properties), lavender (soothes the scalp) and peppermint (stimulates hair growth).
    • For more information on the benefits of natural dry shampoo, click here.
    • Apply a few shakes to roots to help combat greasiness + add texture and volume.
    • Blend well with fingertips or makeup brush.
    • Apply liberally before bedtime for best absorption.
    • Apply to newly styled hair to keep your style fresh + prevent greasiness.
    • Large tube usually lasts 6 months – 1 year.


  • INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Powder*, Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder*, Baking Soda, Essential Oils of Grapefruit*, Lavender* and Peppermint*



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Jocelyn H.
United States United States
Dry shampoo

What a great switch. I’ll Never go back to normal dry shampoo again. Not only does this stuff work great, I feel good about it knowing there are no chemicals!

United States United States
It's okay

It works okay, but it turns my scalp orange. I have pretty dark roots, so I thought this would work for me, but the coloring and flakiness I don't love. I love PP's other skincare products, but this just doesn't work for me. And I've noticed when traveling, it spills out a bit. I much prefer an aerosol over the powder.

Primally Pure

Hi Hollis, Thanks so much for taking the time to review our Dry Shampoo! We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy this product as much as anticipated and have reached out to you with a solution that we hope you’ll find helpful. We take all customer feedback to heart and are so grateful for yours. Please feel free to be in touch with us at hello@primallypure.com if we can be of any further assistance. :)

Adriana H.
United States United States
10 year dry shampoo vet - and I love it so far!

First, the background - I have very oily hair at the roots, but dry at the tips, an annoying combo. Even after a fresh cut, about two weeks later, my tips are already starting to seem damaged. I also, thanks to genetics have very thin hair, and thanks to PCOS and stress, it's all been compounded and getting worse. For years I used super toxic brown dry shampoo that sat on my roots and did the job in terms of cover up but not much to combat flatness. It left my hair almost like an unmoldable think single being - it would just stay in place and was stuck so if I put it up, I couldnt take out down in public unless I could brush it and style over again fully. About 10 years of use of this product EVERYDAY! And in large amounts! Because even after a shower - blow dry or air dry - 10-12 hours later, it was limp and oily. Even worse, the minute it was dry, it was so thin, you could see some of my scalp, and that remains to this day - especially after pregnancy. I'm a month into using the PP dark dry shampoo and am optimistic about continuing - Still after a shower, straight from it being dry, I have to apply. But now, the next day, thankfully I don't usually need to apply again unless I want to go out at night. But overall, great texture, good lift and though it's not as dark as I'd like it to be, it supplies moderately good coverage. The only other reason I'd rate 4stars instead of 5 is because the 2oz bottle will more than likely only last me 2-3 months even though website says it should last 6 months to a year. If you're hair is as thin as mine, and I know a lot of people here will agree, it will not last long at all.

United States United States
OK - but I prefer the lighter one

I typically use dry shampoo around 3 times between washes, day 4ish, day 6ish and day 8ish. I’ve been using the lighter one for awhile, but recently went a little darker with my hair so I decided to try the darker one. It’s works pretty well in terms of freshening up my hair, but it leaves a thick coating on my hair that doesn’t happen when I use the lighter one (assuming it’s the cocoa powder), that makes it difficult to run my hand through my hair. Also - when I brush my hair after using it, all I smell is the cocoa powder, and I’d rather not . It’s also just doesn’t dissolve into my hair as well, and I end up with some brown spots on my scalp. I think if you typically use dry shampoo once between washes, this will work great, but I just don’t think it’s meant to be layered on. I’ll probably try to “dilute” this one with the lighter one and then just go back to the light locks one when this bottle is finished!

Primally Pure

Hi Alex, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We’re sorry to hear that your didn’t enjoy this product as much as you had hoped that you would. We take all feedback to heart and have contacted you via email with a solution that we hope you’ll find to be helpful. Thanks again and please feel free to connect with our team at hello@primallypure.com if we can be of any further assistance!

Katherine S.
United States United States
Simply Wonderful!

I don’t use dry shampoo often but I I do love this product. I like the small size, it’s great for on the go and the color it blends amazingly with my dark hair and doesn’t leave white streaks like other dry shampoos.