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We believe everyone deserves to live a non-toxic lifestyle without difficulty or compromise. Our mission is to serve + support one another in this journey by offering safe products that are still effective, empowerment through education and connection to a community dedicated to making a natural, non-toxic lifestyle attainable for all.


We are committed.

On Monday, June 1st, we felt it was important to be clear about where we stand on the issue of racism, violence and injustice. More importantly, we acknowledged the need for us to do better—and that includes recognizing our role in a broken system and changing the way we show up in true allyship to our BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) communities.

This is not about politics, social trends or marketing initiatives. This is an issue of humanity that requires all of us to fundamentally rebuild how we think and act from the ground up.

Over the last couple of weeks, our team has shifted our focus to listening, learning and reflecting. With great humility, we thank all the voices in this conversation who are still explaining, still crying out, still fighting for change.

We are early in our journey, but we are committed to moving forward in an imperfect, but sincere way to implement true, sustainable change.

PART 1: Listen, Learn, Reflect (we are currently here)

We are listening to diverse voices and seeking out resources to educate ourselves, as well as having conversations as we reflect on our own actions + inaction.

  • Task Force: We’ve created a task force dedicated to researching, discussing and finding action steps to move us forward and hold us accountable.
  • Training: We are attending training sessions and seeking out opportunities to help move us towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.
  • Resources: We are sharing books, movies, podcasts and social media accounts to help us learn as a team.
  • Conversations: We are asking ourselves hard questions, engaging in tough conversations and becoming more aware of how we can and should use our platform to do more in furthering this cause.

PART 2: Elevate + Contribute

As we learn more, we're uncovering opportunities where we feel we can make a bigger difference, specifically for women of color who may not have the same access to non-toxic alternatives to traditional beauty products.

We are looking into ways we can better support these women by offering safer products, practical resources to educate + empower, and investing in black-owned businesses in the non-toxic skincare industry.

PART 3: Integrate Changes into Ongoing Business

We are working to implement structural changes within our organization, such as the way we seek out, hire and retain diverse talent and diversifying the businesses and people with which we employ + partner.


We are incredibly open to any and all who would like to be part of this journey and welcome feedback, ideas, suggestions, challenges, stories—anything you may want to contribute. If you’re interested in weighing in, please send us an email.

Thank you for your patience, support and continuous feedback as we move forward in our journey to implement true, sustainable change.