FAQ: Skincare Regimen – Primally Pure

Skincare Regimen

While everyone's skin is unique and requires customized care, there are some guidelines we suggest following when it comes to applying our skincare products. This is our simple skincare routine for the evening:

Watch a video tutorial With Our Holistic Esthetician, Steps to a Simple Skincare Routine for even more tips + tricks.

Which product of yours do you recommend as an eye cream?

Baby Balm! It contains marshmallow root, which is known as nature’s hyaluronic acid as it helps to firm + plump the skin, protect skin’s moisture barrier and soften skin texture.

I have combination skin, which cleansing oil do I choose?

We would recommend our Cleansing Oil (Normal Skin) if you don’t identify with your skin being either very dry or very oily.

Can I layer your skin specific serums?

If you’d like to apply our Skin-Specific Serums by layering them to meet your individual skin care needs, feel free to do so!

Which Skin-Specific products are right for my skin type?

Our Masks and Serums come in three distinct formulations designed to offer unique, targeted benefits for your skin state:

  • Clarifying: Minimizes inflammation + breakouts, brightens uneven skin tone, clarifies the complexion.

  • Soothing: Creates a calm complexion, soothes sensitive + stressed skin, restores balance (we also offer a version of our Soothing Serum with CBD)

  • Plumping: Promotes youthful appearance, softens signs of aging, plumps skin naturally.

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