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Serum Match: Clarifying Serum

Clarifying Serum is your pure-fect match. Packed with antioxidants to shield skin from free radical damage, vitamin E to repair hyperpigmentation and brighten skin tone + fatty acids to significantly reduce breakouts and bring balance back to your skin barrier, this serum targets acne and discoloration to deliver dramatic results in days.

Pair the Clarifying Mist with your superpower serums + creams to optimize penetration, provide instant hydration and repair discoloration from sun damage and scarring. Bergamot, neroli and aloe vera balance pH levels, tighten pores and support cell renewal for a bright, clear complexion.

Want to try a different serum or add another to your regimen? The Soothing Serum + CBD has incredible healing benefits for all skin types. Click here to shop.


Clarifying Serum

$ 52.00

Clarifying Mist

$ 24.00

Clarifying Collection

$ 124.00