Our Non-Toxic Makeup Roundup (Plus 5 Pro Makeup Hacks)

It can be tough to find the best natural makeup products, so we did the hard work for you. Clean up your makeup with this non-toxic makeup roundup! | Primally Pure Skincare

“What makeup products + brands do you recommend?”

We get this question all of the time. So we figured it was about time to spill our favorites!

Because we’ve literally built our brand (and our lives!) around 100% clean skincare, we’re BIG believers that the products you apply not only impact the appearance + health of your skin, but the health of your. whole. self.

Since we care about skin (and YOUR well-being), we hold the same high standards for the makeup we apply. But it can be tough to find the best natural makeup products, so we did the hard work for you. 🙂 We’ve been testing and applying and playing with makeup products for months and these are the top products that made our list!

Whether you’re in the process of detoxing your beauty bag, minimizing your makeup routine (like our Community Manager, Katie, did!) or just a total makeup junkie – no matter what your go-to makeup look might be, clean up your makeup with our non-toxic roundup below!






1. Dust loose/translucent powder (like this one!) under your eyes after applying mascara to help minimize raccoon eyes.

2. Pat a tiny bit of this non-toxic hairspray to your brows to keep hairs in place all day! (The travel size is perfect for stashing in your makeup bag.)

3. Prep lips with PP Lip Balm for a soft, nourished foundation before applying any lip color. Want to wake up to even more plump, hydrated lips? Apply Lip Balm before bed!

4. It’s all about layering: Concealer, then tinted moisturizer. Cream blush, then powder bronzer. Volumizing mascara, then lengthening. Cream eyeliner, then powdered shadow. Layering helps to build your look and give it some serious staying power.

5. While we love a good makeup brush, your fingers make the best applying/blending tools – plus the warmth from your hands helps the product just melt into your skin (which is exactly why we’re going non-toxic!).

Wondering why swapping out your makeup stash for non-toxic options really is such a big deal? Read more here! And if you have any clean makeup brands/products you swear by, share them below! XO

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