3 Ways To Use Our Sea Soak (That Don't Include A Bathtub)

This time of year, nothing sounds more soothing than soaking in a warm epsom salt bath. But some of us may not have the luxury of having a bathtub in our home – which is so sad because our bath salts are to die for. Plus, they have incredible benefits for your body, mind and well-being.

But good news! Just because they’re called bath soaks, doesn’t mean you actually need a bathtub to enjoy them. Even without a tub, you can still experience the benefits of our bath salts – especially our Sea Soak. Here’s how.


While you probably won’t be installing a tub into your apartment anytime soon, you can pick up a smaller basin to soak your feet. After spending all day on your feet, filling a small tub with hot water and our Sea Soak is a perfect way to relax and relieve tension. The soothing blend of precious salts, seaweeds, natural clays and essential oils help to ease swelling, soften calluses and relax sore muscles. As you soothe tired toes, trust us, your entire body and mind will feel the benefits too.


Keep a jar of Sea Soak in your shower to use as a daily body scrub. Epsom salts and natural clays help to lightly exfoliate and soften skin, while the scents of pure eucalyptus and peppermint invigorate your morning shower – and your mind! Plus this detoxifying blend of salts and seaweeds work together to deeply cleanse, stimulate circulation and provide the skin + body with vital minerals. Before hopping into the shower, be sure to dry brush for even more health and beauty benefits.


One of our favorite ways to incorporate the Sea Soak into our winter wellness + self-care routine is with an aromatherapy steam facial. This is such a therapeutic way to boost beauty, immunity and well-being during the winter months. Not only does the warmth of the steam help to purify pores and give your skin a healthy glow, organic essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint + spearmint help to clear sinuses, relieve congestion and provide powerful aromatherapy benefits for your mood and mind.

Here’s how to create a steam facial at home:

  • Bring a pot of pure water to a boil and while the water is warming up, take a few minutes to cleanse your skin. Transfer boiling water to a large bowl and add a few spoonfuls of Sea Soak.
  • Find a comfortable place where you can sit with your face over the steam. Drape a towel over your head to hold in the heat and deeply relax. If at any point the steam feels too hot, be sure to pull your face back a bit.
  • Take several deep breaths and allow the aromas + warmth to do its healing work.
  • After about 10-15 minutes, spritz skin with Complexion Mist and finish with Beauty Cream to complete your steam facial and seal in moisture.

That’s it! 3 simple ways to use our Sea Soak – even without a bathtub. Happy soaking, scrubbing and steaming this season!


Even without a bathtub, you can still experience the benefits of our epsom salt bath soaks - especially our Sea Soak. Here's how. | Primally Pure Skincare

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