RYLIE'S BUNDLE – Primally Pure


RYLIE'S BUNDLE Primally Pure


$ 132.00 $ 112.00

I AM: PP’s Spa Experience Coordinator, makeup artist and nature lover 



  • Here's what you'll get in rylie's Bundle:

    Please note: because we've curated this bundle specifically for this skin state, we are unable to make substitutions. 

    • AM: I usually just wipe my face with a warm washcloth and then apply 5-6 drops of Clarifying Serum all over my face.
    • PM: I oil cleanse and then apply Blue Tansy Beauty Cream all over. Afterwards I put a bit of Baby Balm under my eyes and then Zzzzzz..


  • When skin is looking extra dull, I put on the Clarifying Mask to jumpstart my week! I also use Lip Balm under my eyes if I'm on-the-go. And I always Gua Sha while reading before bed!

    Pro Tip From PP’s Holistic Esthetician: Try adding in a Complexion Mist in the morning to replenish the skin + boost the benefits of your Skin-Specific Serum!