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I AM: PP’s Holistic Esthetician, content curator and jet setter

SKIN STATE: combination, dry/dull + acne-prone


  • Here's what you'll get in Courtney's Bundle:

    Please note: because we've curated this bundle specifically for this skin state, we are unable to make substitutions. 

    • AM: I begin by splashing my face with warm water and then spritz a bit of Everything Spray onto an organic cotton round. I then take that and gently sweep it across my face to create a clean canvas for the day. I then spray both the Neroli + Lavender Complexion Mists onto my face and apply 4-5 drops of Clarifying Serum while the skin is still damp to help lock in moisture.
    • PM: First, i start by oil cleansing to remove any residue that may have accumulated throughout my day (also removes eye makeup!) Next, I follow up with which ever Complexion Mist my skin is needing that evening and apply about 5-6 drops of Clarifying Serum. If my skin is still craving a bit of moisture I'll follow up with a bit of Palmarosa + Mint Beauty Cream to finish!


  • I'll spritz my Complexion Mist before AND after applying my serum or Beauty Cream. I feel like it adds another layer of hydration + healing.

    Soothing + CBD Serum is my skin’s saving grace (seriously minimizes deeper cystic acne almost overnight).

    I'll also alternate my masks throughout the week depending on how my skin is feeling - but the Plumping Mask takes the cake!